Perfect Picnics with the Popcorn Shed | AD

I personally love a picnic! For me there is nothing better than an array of food where you can help yourself, have as much as you want and try lots of things! I suppose anything like Tapas, or a buffet I am game for! I was recently invited to a friends for a Saturday night catch up and as soon as she had mentioned that she will get us some snacks in I was like hell yesss! I packed the prossecco and the popcorn and she provided crisps, dips and other 'dippable' items.

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Bouncers at Hull Truck | Review*

'This new production of Bouncers has been re-imagined for the new generation of nightclub goers'.

Darren and I were invited this week to visit Hull Truck to watch the performance of Bouncers! We saw it advertised a little while back and said we really wanted to go so when the opportunity arose we jumped at it! We had heard so many great reviews of the performance over the years so we wanted to check it out for ourselves. 
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