New Year, New Me, New House?

Firstly, Champagne & Lemonade is now 7 years old! For 7 years I have shared various thoughts, feelings, photos, memories and so much more! It has been a journey, starting off as a Fashion blog, making its way to beauty, covering home wares and events along with food reviews and travel now, I just call myself a lifestyle blogger who doesn't really have a niche. I think the great part of having a blog is to document your life. Last year I shared a lot around my wedding which I loved doing. I have been thinking a lot whether or not to carry on with my blog, whether to completely start again from fresh, whether to migrate platforms and even if to change the name! I think what a lot of people don't know when it comes to blogging - it actually costs money to make some of these changes and right now I don't feel that i am in a position to be able to invest in this. 

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