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This space of the internet that I call my blog has been with me for nearly 8 years now! Which as I have said so many times before was really not my intention! It has, grown, changed, flourished and even been abandoned once or twice but it always come on my life journey. We have spoken about University and life after, renting my first home, going on my travels, buying my first home and most recently my wedding. Each stage of my life I have hit my blog has been by my side and I am pretty lucky that one day I will look back and read through some horrendous amazing posts all about my life!

Today I thought I would speak a little more about going from rented accommodation to owning your own home. Now I have experienced both I feel I can give a little more attention to the subject. Its crazy that these days you never actually get taught how to go about these things! I did not have a clue when it came to renting and I found it so stressful and emotionally exhausting doing it for the first time whilst at university. Luckily there are now sites such as Homelet.co.uk that can offer offer advise and take away any risks. I think especially as a young person this can be invaluable as often lettings agencies can take you for a ride and fob you off because they know you don't know any different. When renting my first flat the lettings agent actually made me cry after shouting at me down the phone and threatening me that I would have no where to live - what a nice person. I did get a little bit savvier my second time around however, they still try and mess you around - maybe it is a trait of the job! 

I thought it would be a bit easier buying a house as you don't have to deal with the mean letting agents but oh no the estate agents come along who are just as bad! Again, I do think just because I am a young person buying a house they think I don't have a clue! My advice would be do some research and find out as much as you can about your rights when your buying or renting a home because you then have the upper hand and can spot whether or not they are trying to play you!

So, this time two years ago I started looking at houses to buy - I loved this part it was super fun! We saw around 6 houses and knew which one we wanted straight away. The couple we where buying from had bought a brand new house so we didn't have a chain so it was fairly straight forward chain! Again, no clues about mortgages etc (AGAIN why don't they teach you this stuff?). we made sure we read through every single document so that we fully understood the agreement that was in place. I learnt a lot and realised it was not as easy as it may seem (Renting is bar far easier to be honest!). I would also recommend you keep a copy of everything regardless of buying or renting - you never know when you may need to re-check a contract! Having a nice organised folder of house things is the best way to have all information to hand.

I have enjoyed both renting and owning a home and we hope in future to buy properties that we will rent out ourselves - I promise I would be a great landlord! 

What is your preference buying or renting?
Do you have any tips to share?

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