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Having time to unwind and chill out is a must for those of us with hectic lifestyles! Working full time, running a blog, cooking,cleaning and doing house work alongside having a social life can get pretty crazy at times so making sure there is room in the schedule for down time is a must. We usually have jam packed weekends of visiting family and friends or sorting the house out so whenever there is an opportunity to have no plans at all we relish in it. I love a pamper session just as much as the next gal so when I ha no plans last Sunday I took the opportunity to do just that!

Prompted by Sanctuary Bathrooms who sent through this lovely pamper package I decided to spend my morning having a long soak in the bath, complete with lush bath bomb and Origins face mask! I thought I would share my top 'pamper tips' to ensure you are fully relaxed!!

Light some Candles
If you know me you will know I love a good candle and if there is any opportunity to light one I will! they add such a relaxing atmosphere to any room alongside making it smell beautiful. 

Make your self your drink of choice!
If it wasn't a Sunday morning i would much prefer a glass of wine or Prosecco however it was so I settled for a cup of tea in my favourite mug - now this is very important, it has to be your fave or else its just not as good!

Entertain yourself
I get really bored in the bath so I like to either have a book or have my IPad to catch up on a bit of Netflix. Having a bath caddy is great as you can balance your book, your drink any products you may want to use and even some snacks too!

Indulge in a face mask
Your just lying there, drinking your drink, sniffing your candles, reading your book so why not stick a face mask on too. I loved using this Origins one, it made my skin feel amazing!

I really enjoyed my morning of pampering! I hope I get to do it more often. 

What are your top pamper & relaxation tips? #giveyourselfsomesanctuary
*This post was written in collaboration with Sanctuary Bathrooms. Items where gifted for inclusion within the post.


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