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In an ideal world I would book so many holidays for next year as I feel that I am craving another get away! However, with an credit card bill to pay off that will not be feasible. So here is my Bucket List for next year with a few potentials thrown in too. 

Skiing in Bulgaria
This is a potential / Definite ! We are currently looking at going on a family holiday to Boravets in Bulgaria for a fun week in the snow. Darren and I love skiing and we have not been in a few years now so after mentioning to our parents they both said they would like to come! We are looking at visiting Boravets, Bulgaria as we have heard its a great place to ski but also has nice bars and restaurants plus it is pretty cheap so hopefully it will not cost the earth for us to all go along!

South Africa
Some of my family live in South Africa so I have visited a few times in the past however it has no been a good few years since my last trip. Darren has actually never visted with me so we do have it on our list to visit soon. Excluding flights it is a fairly cheap holiday as we can stay with family and the exchange rate is pretty good. I have been to quiet a few different areas of South Africa but I have never been to Cape Town so that is a must do destination for next time I travel there. It is one of my favourite countries I have ever been too (and I have now been to 30 countries and counting). I would fully recommend it as a holiday destination, there are so many amazing places to visit and so so much to do. I can not wait to visit again.

I visited Mexico around 10 years ago now, I went to a wedding there which was amazing, there was a huge group of us and it was so much fun. I keep saying I would love to go back, I think Darren would really enjoy it too. Mexican food is our favourite so it makes sense to go there really! I have seen a lot of people visiting recently so it must still be as good as I remember.I would love to go to the Coco Bongo club as from all the Instagram stories I have seen it looks amazing.  

Talking about Instagram, the blogger in me is desperate to go to the insta-worthy hotel Paridiso Ibiza it looks so beautiful! I have seen quiet a few people visit there this summer and its made me very jel. I loved Ibiza when I visited last time however I did not to explore too much due to being rather hungover so I would love to spend time in the old town and visiting the hippy markets. There are so many amazing bars and restaurants that I would love to visit too so it is on my list to re-visit.

A destination that I would be interested in visiting is Tenerife, my parents have been quiet a few times now and my blogger bestie Ashton always raves on about how great Playa de Las Américas is! HolidayGems.co.uk have some fantastic deals to Tenerife, its super cheap and pretty much great weather all year round - whats not to love. As much as I love getting out and exploring, site seeing and doing new things I also really fancy a holiday where you just lay round the pool and chill for a week in the sun then get  dressed fancy and go out for a nice meal on the evening.

Some where I am yet to visit is Italy, there are so many amazing historical places to visit! I love seeing gorgeous photos that people share from their travels there. Of course you can not forget the fact that you get to eat pizza and pasta everyday and use the phrase 'when in Rome'! Amy's Honeymoon Diaries posts really inspired me to look in to visiting Italy, it wasn't really on my redar however Amy is a fabulous influencer who has sold me the dream! I am sure I will be grilling her for tips if I do manage to book a trip there.

Where are you heading next year? Any recommendations?


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