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A Fish Called Avalon
On the famous Ocean Drive, A fish called Avalon is the perfect spot for watching the world go by! We originally sat inside the restaurant as we crave the aircon however the atmosphere was all outside on the terrace so we moved outside to feel more involved. Throughout August a lot of restaurants in miami offer a special menu named Miami spice meaning they offer 3 courses for a set price (usually $39). I had previously seen them on a list of great restaurants so I thought lets try it out. The portions are pretty huge in America so three courses is not ideal for us but we went for it anyway. We both tried the Bang Bang shrimp to start which was pretty nice, I then had citrus chicken, something I wouldn't normally choose however, it was served with truffle sweet potato mash & a Gorgonzola sauce so it won me over ! It was so tasty, I loved it!! However, I could not finish it all and I did not make it to dessert! Darren tried the grilled swordfish and that was equally as delicious. I would fully recommend for the great food, great atmosphere and great location!

Barton G 
We spent our first night in Miami in Barton G, Darren had been recommended by a friend and I was a little apprehensive as it was not on my list of pre-researched restaurants but I thought why not give it a go. Foolishly we did not book a table however, they did manage to squeeze us in. It was a Thursday evening and the restaurant was packed with quiet a few large groups too. It didn't look like much from the outside and looked fairly plain on the inside too however the food was outrageous. 

Due to the very dark lighting our photos do the place no justice at all however if you are intrigued have a little google image search! The food is served in a theatrical style with the props just screaming out to be Instagrammed (bad lighting aside)! We ordered the Blue Crab & Lobster cakes to start costing a crazy $39 we expected something amazing - they arrived in a treasured chest and tasted delicious. For our main our I had the Big Barts Pork Shank that came to the table on top of a huge pig - clearly inedible at this stage as I couldn't even see over the top of it. It was amazing, totally worth the $44 ! Darren had Eat Beefs Beet & BBQ Short Rib costing $40 this arrived on a cow and tasted insane. As you can tell we loved our experience there and would encourage anyone to pay a visit. The desserts looked crazy, I wish we had the appetite to try one, maybe next time!

We visited the Wynwood area over lunch one day and after seeing the name KYU on many of the best restaurant lists I knew we had to find it. After a little google mapping we found it down a side street and was amazed to see this huge beautiful restaurant after walking down such an awful street! We went for the three course menu which was priced at $29 each - very reasonable. To start I had muscles which where delicious and Darren tried the grilled beef skewers which where very tasty. I then had Grilled Branzino on a green papaya salad which took me back to being in Thailand and Darren had the Korean fried Chicken Boa Buns. We both then had the lime leaf panacotta for desert. It was incredible, I loved it!! I would fully recommenced especially if you enjoy Asian inspired food. I of course loved how Instgrammable the entrance was too.

Darren found this little gem on our last evening in Miami. We both where very tiered and had a pretty bad day (but that's a whole other story) We didn't want anything big and we wanted something in walking distance. It was highly recommended online so we gave it a go. We ordered some Pork Gyozas, Salmon carpaccio and two plates of there signature rolls. It was all so delicious and surprisingly very filling too. Possibly one of the best Sushi restaurants I have been to! They did a take away too so if your not wanting to go our for food you could always order it and eat it in your hotel room or apartment!

The Local House

Hidden just round the corner from the craziness of Ocean Drive is a very chilled out restaurant named The Local House. We found this on the aforementioned Miami Spice website and it sounded like the type of food we would enjoy. We choose to sit outside - again better for the atmosphere - on the cool garden furniture. We ordered the three course menu once again (despite never being able to finish) To start I had oysters which where fabulous and Darren had Cheese croquet's with a guava dip  they where amazing! I then had Lobster Mac & Cheese (again it had truffle oil in so I was won over) It was incredible but very very filling! Darren had Buttermilk fired chicken which was also fab! We could not even think about dessert but the waiter insisted we try some of there Red Velvet cake which was incredible!! It was such a lovely restaurant with a great chilled out vibe! Just what we needed after a crazy day in Miami!


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