Shredding for the Wedding | The Results.

A few months back I wrote a blog post all about how I was losing weight for my wedding. I bought my dress a size too small with the goal of losing at least a dress size. I would say I was a big size 14; I had at least a stone too loose. I had a year to do so however, I was not great at motivating myself. I joined the gym and ate healthy and a little weight did come off but I needed to get it shifted. 

When XLS medical approached me to review their new range, I jumped at the chance. You can read my first post here, as explained I was heading off on my Hen Do so I wasn't able to continue with shakes for that week however once I returned to normality I carried on. A week or two after that I had nearly lost a stone so I went to try my wedding dress on. Unfortunately, it was still a little bit too small but this really gave me the ammunition to really go for it. Therefore, I ate healthy & went to the gym more & stuck to the two shakes a day! Thank goodness just two weeks before the wedding I hit my goal & it fit perfectly. I was so happy and I felt great on the wedding day! I am unsure what I lost in total but I believe it was over a stone.

Now returned from my honeymoon I have defiantly put some weight back on but I will not be continuing with the shakes. They get boring quickly and I started to really hate the taste. I had them for 10 weeks in total and they did just what I needed. I would fully recommend to help you shift those extra few pounds that just won’t move or for a boost if you need one. I was really pleased with my over all results and writing this has made me want to get back on the healthy band wagon and head off to the gym! Hopefully I can get rid of the honeymoon weight.


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