Planning a Traditionally Modern Wedding

Photography by: Rebecca Robinson

Photography by: Rebecca Robinson

Like I said this will be in a church, I  been brought up to follow a religion or had it enforced on me in any way but I just grew up believing I relayed the most to Christianity and although I do not agree with everything they teach I believe that the principals and morals are something I would like to follow. I have not really ever considered having the ceremony in any other way at any other venue so as soon as we got engaged (and I returned home from travelling) we booked our local church! It’s a beautiful church and I am very excited to walk down the isle and make a commitment to each other! 

Once the ceremony is over, that’s where the fun starts! The rest of our wedding will be held at a restaurant! It is a wedding venue and you can actually have your ceremony there too but we loved it because it was modern and different to the traditional venues that we had also looked around. 

We have gone for a 3-course wedding breakfast which I am very much looking forward to and then an evening buffet with lots of delicious treats. I suppose this is pretty traditional to have however the food is ever so modern!

I don't really want to 'reveal' too much else for the moment as I know some of my family and friends read my blog from time to time and I want a few things to remain a surprise but I am sure I will be sharing more after the big days itself!

I also have a few different post ideas which I am planning on sharing too all about wedding planning etc so I hope it will be helpful!


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