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Surprising loved ones can be done in a variety of ways, but when it comes down to the universal language of telling someone you care about them, a gift often goes the furthest! And after all, you don’t need to wait for Mother’s or Father’s day to buy someone you loved a nice present to remind them how much you love them. And hey, sometimes it just feels nice to be able to hand someone a neatly wrapped parcel!

Either way, if you’ve got some spare cash, and you see something you know your friends or family would love, be sure to pick it up and save it for brightening up one of their rainy days. So here’s a couple of ideas to keep in mind next time you hit the shops.

Try to Customise the Pieces
If you have some particularly goofy friends, or you know your partner likes a good joke, this is a great option for you! Whenever you’re looking through the roster of novelty hats or personalised jewellery on a website, keep in mind how the people you love would react to some of the slogans or pendants hanging off the necklace chains. And if the pieces are cheap enough, they’re going to be a great gift for putting a smile on someone’s face!

At the same time, adding a cute message to the inside of a locket, or getting someone an entire photo board full of photos of the two of you together is going to be great for your Mum or Dad. Not to mention you’re going to have a nice trip down memory lane when you’re putting your creation together.

Be Practical with Your Gifts
If you’re buying practical things for people, you’re going to be going a long way for helping them with their daily tasks. So if someone you love spends a lot of the time at their desk, or they use a laptop (or any other kind of electrical item) a lot, this is the section for you. Not to mention these practical gifts are usually cheaper to buy, and there’s always more of a selection for you to choose from if one version of an item is too expensive for your budget.

You can buy them creative and novelty iphone chargers or stands, and even an entire tray for their tablet to rest in (alongside resting their breakfast on as well!). There’s even USB mini fridges on the market, for the partner who constantly comes home complaining that someone drunk their soda can in the staff room again!

You Never Need an Occasion to Be Nice!
Surprising loved ones can be quite easy to do when you just rock up to their house with a gift in your bag, or come home to them with something you picked up from the store on your way there. It’s cute, it’s loving, and it’s always going to go a long way to show how much you appreciate the other person.

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