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I love exploring the popular tourist hot spots in the destinations I visit and of course my trip to South East Asia was filled with them. I know a lot of people complain that places are over touristy but I think if a lot of people are heading there then it must be a great place to visit! Why not visit this website and book your next trip filled with these amazing destinations. 

Angkor Wat, Cambodia 

Hundreds of people get up at 4am to make their way to the temples to see the sunrise and take this exact photo. The temples of Angkor Wat are one of the most popular tourist destinations of South East Asia. It was an amazing experience and I would fully recommend a trip to the temples as it was one of the highlights of my trip. Again it is a world heritage site and is home t round 72 temples on the site.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

I visited the very popular tourist desination of Halong Bay in Vietnam. The scenery was so beautiful and well worth the two busses and two boats it took to actually get us there. We stayed on the small island named Monkey island just for a night. It was really good fun and I would highly recommend. If you cant stay over then I would say at least a days boat trip around the bay is such a great experience! It is actually a world heritage site and is home to Cat Ba national park. 
I have a full Vietnam itinerary so check it out if you are thinking of planning your next trip!

Wat Pho, Thailand
One of the largest collections of temples and home of the reclining Buddha Wat Pho was one of the busiest tourist attractions I have ever been to. It took us a full day to walk around all of the temples and palaces, defiantly worth a visit if you are in Bangkok. I would say its best to discover on your own rather than join a group as somethings you'll want to take your time over and some you'll want to have a glance and pass by! Plus you end up getting caught in a line to take photos - you think bloggers take loads of photos? Well then you should meet these asian gals !!

Rice Fields, Bali
One of the most popular tourist hot spots in Bali are the rice fields, I am not actually sure why but they where on our list too as a must see place. They where really interesting to see and actually quiet pretty to look at! Obviously you don't pay to go here so there are lots of people around trying to sell you souvenirs etc. I have a full guide to travelling Bali so make sure you check it out.

Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam
I loved the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam, such an eye opening experience! I loved it there and had great fun learning all about the war and the history. I think it is the type of place that is really interesting and really fun so it can be enjoyable for everyone. They offer visitors a sneak-peek at the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers back in 1948. The site has over 120km of underground tunnels.

Holy Water Temples, Bali
Another popular tourist hot spot is the Holy water temple. This was such a fun experience and I am so glad we went in the water too! You have to move down the line bathing in the water and taking a small sip of each one. You have to stick to the line as it is apart of the ritual. It is not only tourists here as locals go to complete the ritual too. As it is a place of worship you must be covered and there are rules you must follow but it is a really good experience. 

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