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Asos saved basket

This weather just makes me long for the summer and considering my next holiday is 4 months away now seems like the perfect time to start saving pieces to my ASOS basket! Yes it is freezing outside and we have just have a week in the snow but all I can think about is the sun and how I need to be in it. I havn't done a fashion wish list style post in a while so I thought why the hell not!

I really wanted one of these last summer but just couldn't choose the one I wanted. This one still isn't perfect but I have saved it to remind me to keep looking. If not this one may just have to do, I dont dislike it or anything but I am in the same conundrum as last year - what if I see something better? At least I have time to look.

This isn't something I would normally wear but I am trying to choose things that are out of my comfort zone. Im also looking for things that will motivate me in to going to the gym and toning up so that I actually will look okay on the beach this year!

Another thing that is out of my comfort zone! I am 5'6 therefore not short by no means however I can never pull of maxi dresses or skirts but I really like this co-ord so I want to at least order it and try it on! I think it would look so nice for either day or night.

No need to justify this as its just amazing!! I love glittery bags especially when they are pink. It will match nothing but who cares its fabulous!!

I think I'm going to buy this for my hen do (if I manage to loose any weight beforehand) I have been told I need a white dress and this one is super pretty so I think I need it. Its backless too which is prefect for wearing on holiday.

Aside from the tan lines this would look so lovely on holiday, lounging by the pool or worn with denim shorts. I really liked wearing a swimming costume on my last holiday so I think I will try out some more this year.

I love these, so perfect for a holiday as they aren't a heel but they give you some height. They look like they would be comfy and I think they are pretty versatile even though they are leopard print. I think these will be getting ordered.

This is a classic thing that I would buy. Over the years I have owned many similar tops and I seem to pick up a new one each year. This one would look great with jeans and wedges back in the UK or denim shorts and flip flops on your holiday.

This is another one that is out of my comfort zone. To be honest I doubt it would fit me properly as I have a long body and short legs so jump suits never do but it may be worth a try on. It comes in red too which would look amazing with some wedges.


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