25 things you learn when you turn 25 | Lifestyle

1. You realise saying 'he was in my year' (as in school year) is becoming a little less unacceptable. 

2. You cringe at what your 18-year-old self used to get up too.

3. You start to enjoy a good Saturday night in with a film and a bottle of wine.

4. You learn what you actually enjoy drinking rather than just drinking as much as whatever you can to get as drunk as possible.

5. You stop wearing short skirts / Crop tops on a night out and start thinking about that freezing cold wait for a taxi at 2am.

6. Your family start to become your friends and your friends become your family

7. You have to deal with all your family asking when you're getting married / buying a house / having a baby or just generally settling down.

8. You get overly excited about heading to Ikea for the day to buy home wears

9. You equally get excited about choosing new paint and furnishings for various rooms in your house

10. You start to love a good country walk and a pint in a pub.

11. You feel a sense of achievement when you prep and take your lunch to work.

12. But then get jealous when your co-workers are heading out to your closest fast food joint for lunch and you're left with your salad!

13. You start buying the 'expensive' toiletries rather than whats on offer for £1 in the supermarket 'cause why not treat yo' self.

14. On payday, you refresh your internet banking every 5 minutes to check that you are out of your overdraft.

15. You long for your next holiday and spend half your time planning what you're going to do on that holiday.

16. You start feeling sorry for yourself when your in a bar and everyone looks like they have just turned 18!

17. Or even worse you have started going to the bars where the 'older crowd' goes.

18. You start a list of all the names you love and want to call your future children / pet!

19. You don't get excited that you receive something in the post as you know it's going to be a bill

20. You start buying clothes that are good quality, can be worn in many with multiple outfits as you know you cannot be frivolous and buy £50 tops from Topshop every week!

21. You start to care about things like recycling and the environment rather than just chucking everything in the normal bin!

22. You squeeze those last drops of petrol from the pump as you know its 'hella expensive!!

23. You then drive up until you physically can not drive no more and HAVE to go to the petrol station

24. You start doing 'a big shop' and planning your food for the weekdn rather than living on the edge and going via the shop every day or two.

25. Your starting to worry about turning 30!

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  1. Haha Alex I love this and I swear every single point is me...just two more years down the line than you #granny xx


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