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Reviewing my 2017 Goals

Last year I wrote a post about my 2017 goals so I thought that I should review them and see how I got on! I couldn't actually remember what I wrote so looking back was actually rather interesting. 

Be Healthy.
This sort of went to plan - I joined the gym in the summer and had a good start, however, the end of the went a bit off plan. I was very busy with my new job and just did not have the time, however, this year is this I fully dedicate myself to this. Darren bought me a fit bit for Christmas so I am hoping that will be me to achieve my goals. I do have a wedding dress to fit in after all.

Reviewing my 2017 Goals  - wedding

Plan our wedding.
This is going well! I have a dress, we have a church and reception, a photographer, our rings, a florist and a cake too. My next area to tackle is invitations. I am excited to choose my bridesmaid dresses and find the men's suits even though Darren said I am not allowed to get involved in the suits (I totally am!) I am also excited to go pick up our rings! We have had them handmade and engraved with our wedding date. 

Also, I can not forget to mention that our honeymoon is also booked! We are heading to Miami and then on a Caribbean cruise so any recommendations would be great!

Buy our first home. 
Hell yes, we nailed this one! By February we where moved in and a few weeks later Bentley our French Bulldog came into our lives. I'm still loving my own home, there are parts that need improvement but this year I'm focusing on the wedding! We spent a week painting and getting it tidied up and a full day in Ikea but it did not take long to settle in at all. I still love all of the colours we have chosen and I am still happy with my furniture choices so we are all good! We keep picking up new things along the way, the most recent addition is an Oasis poster that is now hung in the living room!

Travel locally 

This one was a sort of once again. Firstly we had a great weekend in the lakes with a group of friends. In the summer we went to Edinburgh, we spent a few weekends in Manchester, enjoyed a Gin filled weekend in Harrogate and I went to London for a girly weekend with friends. We also took a trip to Spain with the family which was lovely! 

This year my goals are:

Get fit & healthy (and stick to it)
Finish the wedding plan and do not turn in to Bridezilla
Enjoy every day to the fullest & Embrace every opportunity!

What are yours?

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