The Kings Head Pub Beverley | Review*

Last night Darren and I were lucky enough to be invited to sample some delicious dishes from the new spring menu at The Kings Head pub in Beverley. I have been to the pub before however; I had not eaten there so I was excited to try it out. When I say pub you sort of visualise this outdated, miss-matched furniture and stained old carpet type of place but I can tell you The Kings Head is the exact opposite. 
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25 things you learn when you turn 25 | Lifestyle

1. You realise saying 'he was in my year' (as in school year) is becoming a little less unacceptable. 

2. You cringe at what your 18-year-old self used to get up too.

3. You start to enjoy a good Saturday night in with a film and a bottle of wine.

4. You learn what you actually enjoy drinking rather than just drinking as much as whatever you can to get as drunk as possible.

5. You stop wearing short skirts / Crop tops on a night out and start thinking about that freezing cold wait for a taxi at 2am.

6. Your family start to become your friends and your friends become your family

7. You have to deal with all your family asking when you're getting married / buying a house / having a baby or just generally settling down.

8. You get overly excited about heading to Ikea for the day to buy home wears

9. You equally get excited about choosing new paint and furnishings for various rooms in your house

10. You start to love a good country walk and a pint in a pub.

11. You feel a sense of achievement when you prep and take your lunch to work.

12. But then get jealous when your co-workers are heading out to your closest fast food joint for lunch and you're left with your salad!

13. You start buying the 'expensive' toiletries rather than whats on offer for £1 in the supermarket 'cause why not treat yo' self.

14. On payday, you refresh your internet banking every 5 minutes to check that you are out of your overdraft.

15. You long for your next holiday and spend half your time planning what you're going to do on that holiday.

16. You start feeling sorry for yourself when your in a bar and everyone looks like they have just turned 18!

17. Or even worse you have started going to the bars where the 'older crowd' goes.

18. You start a list of all the names you love and want to call your future children / pet!

19. You don't get excited that you receive something in the post as you know it's going to be a bill

20. You start buying clothes that are good quality, can be worn in many with multiple outfits as you know you cannot be frivolous and buy £50 tops from Topshop every week!

21. You start to care about things like recycling and the environment rather than just chucking everything in the normal bin!

22. You squeeze those last drops of petrol from the pump as you know its 'hella expensive!!

23. You then drive up until you physically can not drive no more and HAVE to go to the petrol station

24. You start doing 'a big shop' and planning your food for the weekdn rather than living on the edge and going via the shop every day or two.

25. Your starting to worry about turning 30!

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Cosmopolitan Diva Fizz | Review*

A week or two ago a different form of blogger mail turned up in the form of bottles of fizz! I was lucky enough to receive a few bottles of Cosmopolitan Diva. I had not previously heard of this brand but I was intrigued to try them out and see if I could be converted from my usual tipple !!

Cosmopolitan Diva is a lower abv (5.5%) Low calorie fruit sparkling wine that is available in various flavours along with a non-alcoholic addition too. Each drop of sparkling wine has passed through an exclusive pure gold filtration system!

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Making Memories | Travel*

The reason I visit new places and try new things is to make amazing memories and have crazy stories that I can share with my future family. I have been very fortunate in life to have had so many amazing experiences and today I thought I would share some of my favourite memories from my travels. 
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ASOS Saved Basket | Fashion

Asos saved basket

This weather just makes me long for the summer and considering my next holiday is 4 months away now seems like the perfect time to start saving pieces to my ASOS basket! Yes it is freezing outside and we have just have a week in the snow but all I can think about is the sun and how I need to be in it. I havn't done a fashion wish list style post in a while so I thought why the hell not!

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Choosing the perfect Bridesmaids dress | Wedding

You may already know that I am getting married this year, I don't mention it that often (Only in like every other blog post!) With only 6 months to go I need to start working my way through my to-do list first up was choosing a Bridesmaid dress for my Maid of Honour. I only have one 'older' bridesmaid and my others are young so I said she could pretty much choose whatever she liked. 

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Would you #GoFaux ? | Interiors*

When we got the all-important phone call to say that our offer has gone through and we had officially bought a house, one of the first things we did was go sofa shopping! Our families had told us that there is a wait time for items like that so best order one as soon as you can so that you're not just sat the floor. So off we went to our local retail park and trekked around the stores to find what we were looking for. However, we didn't know what we were looking for! I like to think I am pretty good at choosing interiors as it is something I LOVE to shop for but when its a big item I just don't know where to start. 

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My 2018 Bucket List | Travel

The last time I wrote up a travel theme bucket list was in 2016 before I went traveling! I managed to tick off everything on that list while I was away which was so amazing. Today I thought I would put together my 2018 Bucket list with a few destinations and a few sights I would like to see. As we get married this year and have already planned our honeymoon we already have our travel plans fixed for this year, however, if we have any spare cash floating around (NOT going to happen) we would like to go away again at the end of the year! It is very much dependant on our spending over the summer so we shall have to just wait and see. Anyway, here are my plans/hopes for the next 12 months...
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Nando's hatches a new restaurant in Hull | Food Review*

Nandos, Kingswood Hull

Nando’s is hatched its third restaurant in Hull this January, which opened its doors on the 17th January at Kingswood Leisure Park. Darren and I were lucky enough to be invited over to check out the new place and try some delicious food. As we are huge Nandos fans already we were excited to go along and see the new restaurant. 

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Dry January with Fentimans | Review*

I had been eyeing up this beautiful copper penguin cocktail shaker in Sainsburrys for what felt like forever! I had seen it in store last Christmas and loved it and when they brought it back in 2017 it was the top of my Christmas wishlist! Lucky for me it was wrapped and under the tree waiting to be opened on Christmas day! Since then I have used it once to make a super strong gin cocktail, I had all great plans for our News Years Eve celebrations to make lots of delicious drinks but in reality we just played beer pong and drank whatever was easiest to make. After a fairly heavy week of drinking we decided that a 'dry January' is in order. We received quiet a lot of Gin for christmas (as everyone knows that we love it) but we have packed it away and vowed to not have any drinks at least for the first few weeks of January anyway!
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Reviewing my 2017 Goals | Lifestyle

Reviewing my 2017 Goals

Last year I wrote a post about my 2017 goals so I thought that I should review them and see how I got on! I couldn't actually remember what I wrote so looking back was actually rather interesting. 

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The Kingswood Beefeater, Hull Review | Food*

The Beef eater pub, kingswood Hull

A few weeks ago I was invited along to the newly refurbished Beefeater pub on Kingswood in North Hull. We head over to the Kingswood retail park now and again as they have a huge Next, T K Maxx, Matalan, to name a few as well as lots of nice restaurants, a cinema and a bowling alley. We have not, however, tried out the new Beefeater pub so when I was invited I could not say no! We thought we would head over on a Saturday lunchtime, we decided to call and book in advance and we are glad we did as it was super busy. 

The Beef eater pub, kingswood Hull

We were greeted at the door and shown to our table. I was surprised at how big it was inside, there were lots of tables to accommodate big families and well as couples. There was also a spacious bar area to have drinks.  

We decided to go all out and have three courses.I choose garlic prawn pan costing £6.49 and Darren had the Duck Pâté costing £5.69. They where both really nice, they were a good size for a starter and the prices where very reasonable too.

The Beef eater pub, kingswood Hull

For our main course I originally wanted the Lobster Double Stack Burger however it had already sold out, proving it is a very popular dish! Instead I choose the New Buttermilk Chicken & Blue Cheese Burger costing £13.49, 'Buttermilk chicken goujons coated in rosemary breadcrumbs, topped with creamy Stilton and spicy piri piri mayonnaise, Served in a toasted brioche bun' sounds incredible doesn't it! I had this with sweet potato fries and it did not disappoint, it was such a big portion too!

Darren had the Sticky Bourbon BBQ Ribs with regular fries costing £15.29. I had a little taste of them and they where do delicious! Again it was a huge portion and was defiantly value for money.

The Beef eater pub, kingswood Hull

Finally, we had to try out the deserts too. Although they don't look so pretty, they tasted fab and was agreat sweet treat to end our meal with (even though I couldn't even finish mine!) Darren had the Warm Chocolate Brownie 'Warming and delicious, this chocolate brownie is served with vanilla ice cream and our rich chocolate sauce' costing £4.99 and I had the Salted Toffee Apple Crumble 'Sweet, tangy apples and sticky salted toffee sauce, topped with golden shortcake crumble and served with custard' also costing £4.99! Again, great portions and great prices. 

The Beef eater pub, kingswood Hull

Our meal with two re-fillable soft drinks came in at just over £50 which I consider to be great value taking in to consideration how big the portions are. I would 100% head back there again, but I wouldn't probably go for all three courses. The main was my favourite and I am still tempted by the Lobster burger! I you wish to try it out for yourself I would recommend booking in advance if you wanted to go on a weekend as it seems to get very busy. 

The Beef eater pub, kingswood Hull

The Beef eater pub, kingswood Hull

Huge thank you to The Kingswood Beefeater for our fab meal, we hope to see you again some time!

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*This meal was paid for in return for an honest review.