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A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch of Hulls brand new Willerby show ground. When I received this invite I didn't actually know what this was however after a quick google I found Willerby are the UK’s largest manufacturer of holiday homes and lodges. I stayed in these types of caravans / lodges when I was younger so I was really interested to see what they would be like now!

The new show ground showcases an extensive range of holiday homes. The showground is only the second of its kind to be opened in the UK following the success of its sister showground in Scotland in 2016. I was show around the range along with the local press and I was instantly impressed! They where amazingly designed and decorated and nothing like what I actually expected!

There are lots of different variations of the holiday homes. There is something to suit everyone from big families to older customers who actually choose to live in them all year round. They come with lots of features, again to suit each buyers needs. I particularly liked the Dog friendly home! The homes do come decorated and usually there is a choice of two fabrics to suit your taste.

After chatting with the designer, he explained the follow the current trends to ensure that the interiors appeal to most. We where also told that they ask the opinion of the 'Willerby owners club' who are those who have previous bought a Willerby holiday home. Apparently, most who buy a Willerby home re-buy another in a few years just like you would a new car. I thought this was quiet interesting as it shows how brand loyal their buyers are,

At this stage in my life as I have only just bought my first actual home it is unlikely I would be able to buy myself a holiday home however they are a lot more affordable than I presumed. I would love to go stay in one if these holidays homes with a group of friends for the weekend, it would a lot more fun than just staying in a hotel and you have everything there for you!! I think I am going suggest it for the new year as I know my friends would love this.

To go check out the show ground for yourself, it is situated on Great Field Lane, Hull and will be open to the public Monday - Friday 9 - 4 pm by appointment only, and weekend opening hours will be available from November onwards!

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  2. Oh this is very interesting! I live in Willerby and didn't even know about this!


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