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I have been home for over a year now since my 3 month travel adventure. I don't feel like I have written about it in so long, yet I feel like I still have so much to say! I wrote a diary every day of mt travels so maybe one day I will be able to share more. Today however I am actually talking about my journey home. Bit of an odd one but this was the first time I had ever travelled solo and typically it was the longest possible journey you could do. 

I flew from Australia to Abu Dhabi then from there back to the UK. My journey started with a train ride to the airport, it was emotional as I left my friend in Sydney we said our goodbyes which was upsetting but I also had mixed feelings of being very anxious and nervous to fly on my own but excited to return home to my fiancé and family. 

I passed the time in Sydney airport by grabbing some lunch, shopping the duty free and using up what was left of my dollars. The airport was pretty big and I didn't feel too worried as it seemed to be fairly straight forward. I boarded my plane to see it was fairly empty and I was sat on my row of three on my own.  I was pretty happy at the thought of this as I knew I could lay down and sleep. I flew with Virgin airlines, which I had very done before and I loved it. I had my own TV, I could have as much food and drink as I wanted, everything was nice and relaxed however I didn't manage to sleep. 9 hours went by and I arrived in Abu Dhabi. 

I got off the plane and found my way to where I needed yo be to get on my connecting flight. I had a 3 hour wait here and the airport was not as nice or big as Sydney's. I was pretty tiered by this point so I just went and sat and waited. Everyone started forming queue to board the plane and there was an accouncement telling us there was a delay. An hour passed and no one was giving us any information. By the looks of things this plane was going to be full as there was a lot of sleepy, angry people asking what was going on. We where finally allowed to start boarding, I was soooo sleepy at this point so once I found my seat I saw I was sat next to a couple I asked if I could switch to the window seat as I wanted to sleep the whole way without being disturbed they said no so I thought well you better not disturb me!! After an hour of sitting on the plane waiting for it to take off it still hadn't. There was an announcement saying we had to get back off the plane. So, I was sleepy, nervous, on my own and being told I had to get back off so I was annoyed. We got taken back to the airport and the flight attendants said if we show our tickets to the food places we could get some food so I went over to burger king. After another hour or so we where allowed back on a plane finally. 

I noticed the couple who previous had sat next to me had not yet boarded the plane I was pretty annoyed cause all I wanted to do was sleep. the flight attendants kept asking me if I knew where they where - obviously not! There was an announcement saying that they hadn't got back on so we now had to wait to get their luggage of the plane (HOW ANNOYING). we finally was good to go, about 5 hours delays but at least I had a row to myself and I could finally sleep!! Darren had planned to pick me up in Manchester so i told him to keep an eye on my flight to check what time its coming in.

We where finally re-united about 5/6 hours later than planned but I was just sooo happy to be home.

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Fingers crossed you don't have any of this misfortune and you ahem the happiest of travels!

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*This is a collaborative post however all options are my own


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