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I’m finally at the point where I have to put my heating on. I’m not someone who takes pride in lasting as long as they can before giving in – no shame in that. I’ve also been in my winter PJs and snuggled up in my dressing gown for at least a week, and I’ve already had the awful seasonal transition cold.  

While I was cuddled up in my warm winter nest, all I could do was dream of being back on holiday, having adventures and topping up my tan, and it got me thinking about winter holidays. How do you deal with the transition between climates if you’re headed to a hot country? Or how do you deal with cold if you’re off skiing? I mulled it over and decided it was a great topic for travel tips post. So here we are, my top tips for healthy travels this winter. 

Eat more fruit and vegetables 
It’s so tempting when travelling to throw caution to the wind and fill up on food, especially if you’re off somewhere cold. No matter what country you end up in you want comfort food to dive into. I know I am very guilty of this, but by ensuring you are eating your five portions of fruit and veg a day you’re getting all the essentials you need to keep you healthy. I’m a big fan of a winter stew, which is healthy as well as being a comfort food. We have decided in my office to have a fruit bowl, so instead of indulging on mince pies, chocolates etc opt in the lead up to Christmas, there’s a healthy option.  

Keep exercising 
You’re on holiday, who wants to exercise? Let’s just laze about and enjoy the luxury of not being in work. Again, I am so guilty of this, but it’s important that we still keep excising regularly. Taking walks on holiday is something you can do in any weather, if you’re prepared, and means you get to see more of the beautiful place you made such an effort to visit. I have decided while at home that I want to walk the dog more in scenic forests and woods - perfect for getting pretty Instagram snaps but also gets you out and about too! For a bit of encouragement, I like to track my steps on my phone and try to 'beat them' silly but effective.  

Be vigilant  
Say you go off on a fancy skiing holiday this Christmas, or even if you pop off to London and visit the Ice Rink in Winter Wonderland, it's important to make sure that even though you’re having a fab time you’re careful and don't put yourself in a situation that may cause an accident or get illIt’s so easy to get complacent on holiday because it’s so far away from home, but keeping an eye on activated and what and where you eat could be a holiday saver. To be honest, this could apply to me in everyday life in winter because as soon as there is snow or ice on the ground I turn in to Bambi, fall over and end up hurting myself.  So, a word of warning - be careful out there! If you do by any chance have an accident or get ill while you’re away make sure you contact Your Legal Friend for helpful advice.  

Wash your hands! 
Imagine, you’re on your way to the beach on local transport; you’re holding onto the bus handles yet the person before sneezed into their hands and held that very same handle. Gross, but it happens every day. I like to carry a little Hand San around with me as you just never know who's been touching what. I HAVE to take it with me on an aeroplane, as I seem to always have a cold when I go on holiday and I just know it’s the plane germs. 

Sleep Well 
I suspect that long hours of travelling and being tired also make me ill, and I find sleeping on a plane really difficult. Sleep is brilliant for boosting your immune system and you’ll enjoy every activity more if you’re not fighting off grogginess as well. I’m making an extra effort to catch up on sleep before trips and not run myself down while away to see if I can beat the holiday cold curse. 
Do you have any other ways to keep fighting fit while on holiday? 

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