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Choosing the Right wedding Photographer

Choosing the right photographer is just as important as choosing your wedding dress in my opinion, the photos will be your lasting memory so you have to ensure you choose the right person for you. My parents have been married 28 years now and I still love looking through their album (printed actual photos in an album yes its a thing!). We sort of knew who we would choose any way but we still had a little look around just to be sure. 

The first place we initially had a look is when we visited local wedding fairs  we picked up some flyers and quickly learnt who the local photographers where. We decided to stick to our guns and choose Rebecca Robinson she is a family friend of ours so we knew she would be very accommodating (& patient)  to our needs. We aren't a particularly 'posey couple' so we want very natural shots, as well as some fun ones and we thought her style would suit that well. 

Choosing the Right wedding Photographer

We don't want to spend allll day posing and taking loads of photos as we want to enjoy the time with our guests so we know Rebecca will do a fab job in getting everyone organised for the standard family pics! We have chosen the package where we can have two photographers so we can have shots from different angles in the church as well as having a photographer at each house when we are getting ready in the morning. We where pretty lucky as we knew what we wanted straight away however, if your not so sure you may want to do a bit more research. A great tool that I have found is Bidvine, this is a website that will help you find exactly what you need. You type in what you need, answer a few questions such as your wedding date and the pros come to you.

Choosing the Right wedding Photographer

You can either use it online or download the app for wedding planning on the go, making it easy to find the perfect wedding photographer, or anything else you may need! I have been having a play around with it as I still need to book a Photo Booth and maybe a videographer too, its super easy to use and the professionals come to you if they meet your requirements. Its not just for wedding either you can use it to find any local services you may require, I feel like its going to be such a good time saving tool while wedding planning!

I hope this post was helpful to you :)
Happy wedding planning !

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