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For those that follow my blog regularly, you’ll know that I struggle to sleep, most nights. 

I may, however, finally have cracked the code and found a few things that really help! So, I’m sharing them with you to make sure you get all the beauty sleep you need. 

1. Splurge on some luxury bath products and have a nice long soak. Find some really lovely bath bombs, bubble baths or bath oils and have a nice soak in the evening. I find that my mind starts wandering and I think about all sorts of weird things, but this relaxes your mind too. 24% of people complain that temperature is the second biggest reason for not being able to sleep, so if you’re one of those people that gets hot in the night, have a lukewarm bath to bring your temperature down before bed. 

2. Avoid caffeine and large meals in the evening. I think this one is quite obvious. Food gives us energy, which we definitely don’t need from 8pm onwards, so try and eat your evening meal around 6pm. 

3. Get some lavender candles or a mist spray for pillows. Lavender is known for relaxing you, and spraying a light mist on your pillow means you’re breathing it in all night, giving you a great sleep. 

4. Avoid using blue light-emitting devices one hour before bed, including the TV! It’s tough, I know, but try to pick up a book instead. Your brain mistakes blue light for daytime which confuses it, so sacrifice those devices just for an hour. 

5. Invest in a better mattress or pillows. I need one of those electric beds from adjustable beds uk, you know the ones that can move up or down just by using a button! Probably a bit lazy, but sounds like the best thing! Having the wrong mattress or pillows can create backache and all sorts of other problems, so sleep pain-free by investing in some new ones. 

6. Dim the lights an hour before bed. Don’t sit in a brightly-lit room right up until you decide to get some sleep. Turn off the main light and switch on a bedside one instead. This prepares your mind for sleep and you’ll find it much easier to switch off once you do go to bed. 

Check out the infographic below to get some more sleeping facts and tips. 

Let me know your sleeping advice in the comments!
What works for you?

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  1. I am a bit of an insomniac myself! I struggle with turning off the devices before bed, so this is one of the things that usually keeps me up. I have noticed that having proper back support when I'm sleeping helps make even the least amount of sleep feel that much more energizing. Great post, and love the tips!


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