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I feel like there is a bit of a cloud over the blogging world at the moment and everyone is a bit down due to low engagement, twitter dramas, bots and so on! I have to admit I'm feeling the same, I often just think why am I actually doing this? I have had this blog for 5 years now and I have written 585 posts! (Thats pretty crazy) And I often think that it may have I ran its course now, am I bit over it? But then I think of all of the reasons I do actually blog and I think why would I give this up...

The Events
A sort of 'perk of the job' I love to attend blogging events! Its a great way to meet  new friends and network with brands and PR's however, it is also great for getting out of the house and doing something different. I have been some amazing events over the years from store launches to cooking classes, all of them have been different and really good fun! My favourite still remains going to visit the Coronation street set !!

The Friends
This is the main reason for me. Over the years I have met some many other amazing bloggers who now have become some of my closest friends! Blogging friends are the best as they understand your need to take 1 millions photos of your food or drinks before you actually are aloud to touch them. They will happily take outfit shots of you in the street and they bitch with you about the latest twitter drama. I honestly love my blogging gals and wouldn't give them up for the world.

Job opportunities
I have been really lucky that my blog has helped secure me one of my internships and contributed to my past few job roles. Every interview I have been to it has been brought up and I often receive comments of how it is really good that I have my blog and all the hard work that goes in to it. Recruiters often say how it gives me an edge over other candidates too which is great! It has taught we great skills too such as copy writing, photo taking and editing and communicating with brands.

Extra income & Brand opportunities 
Obviously this is a great perk of being a blogger however, it takes time to be able to build up relationships with PRs and brands and after a long 5 years I have been able to do this! If you are a newbie the best ways to find these opportunities I find are on social media such as using Facebook groups and Twitter hashtags such as #Bloggerswated and also website like bloggersrequired.com. I have received some amazing products over the past few years and had some great opportunities that I have featured on my blog and I can not deny that I still get excited when a PR email drops into my inbox. 

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  1. Great post! I've been blogging since about 2012, I think, which is crazy but I just love being part of the blogging community

    1. Me too I love being a part of everything and would hate to miss out haha :D x

  2. Good article, your sharing is so nice, love your work!


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