Long Lasting Products | Beauty

I havn't written a little beauty post in a while so I thought I would put one together. I havn't really bought a lot of new things in a while however my last little haul included some newbies from L'oreal that I am loving. After using them for a month or two now I have released how great they are and how long lasting! So, I thought I would share a few products that I think are really long lasting.

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Veri Peri Review | Food*

A few Sundays ago Ashton & I took a little round trip to Bradford to try out Veri Peri ! Its a portuguese restaurant based in the city centre and we where invited along to try out and review their menu. Having never been to Bradford before we thought why not. Its only an hour from Hull so we decided to give it ago.

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Car Maintenance Tips | By Darren*

Hi everyone, it’s another guest post from me.

If you haven’t already guessed by now a lot of my posts tend to be about practical scenarios and true to form this is another of that sort.

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Home Wear Wish List | Interiors*

Home wishlist

As you may know we havn't long been moved in to our first home. We got it sorted pretty quickly as we spent a good few days painting, decorating and shopping for furnishings. We have lived here a few months now and I feel like a few rooms need some finishing touches! So with this is mind I have put together a little wish list of a few desirables. 

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6 Top Tips for getting a Tip Top Night’s Sleep | Lifestyle*

For those that follow my blog regularly, you’ll know that I struggle to sleep, most nights. 

I may, however, finally have cracked the code and found a few things that really help! So, I’m sharing them with you to make sure you get all the beauty sleep you need. 

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My must visit destinations in Vietnam + 2 week Itinerary plan | Travel

Two week guide to vietnam
I thought I would share with you everything I got up to in Vietnam. I had a very mixed emotion experience and there was some high and low points however, reflecting back I truly did have a great time in Vietnam and managed to see and do so much. Hopefully this post will be useful for any of you planning on travelling through Vietnam.
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4 Reasons why I keep blogging | Champagne & Lemonade .ox

I feel like there is a bit of a cloud over the blogging world at the moment and everyone is a bit down due to low engagement, twitter dramas, bots and so on! I have to admit I'm feeling the same, I often just think why am I actually doing this? I have had this blog for 5 years now and I have written 585 posts! (Thats pretty crazy) And I often think that it may have I ran its course now, am I bit over it? But then I think of all of the reasons I do actually blog and I think why would I give this up...

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Pastel Wish List | Fashion

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Your New McDonalds | Hull*

I was recently invited along to my local McDonalds Restaurant with my fellow Hull Bloggers to see how the restaurant has changed and evolved into what it has become today. It has recently undergone a big refurb and shake up so we was invited to learn more about why these changes has been made and why it is now better than ever...
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