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6 months ago while travelling in Cambodia I spent two nights at the Mad Monkey Hostel on the island of Koh Rong Somloem. Little did I know that this island was in the middle of nowhere and had no phone signal and no wifi. This scared me more than anything as the thought of no contact with the outside world was horrendous. Anyone who is in a long term relationship will understand not speaking to their other half for longer than a day or two is really horrible and not what you want when you are separated by half the world. 

I decided to get involved with the #IWouldMiss campaign in association with lpg prices as they have asked what would you miss the most if you had to go 'off grid' and since I have sort of done this already I can share with you exactly that. 

To be honest when I went travelling I thought I would miss a lot more from the UK. (I even wrote a little post about it). I didn't actually miss that much, I thought I would miss all my beauty products, having lots of different choices for clothing, watching tv whenever I wanted and of course Yorkshire Tea but in all honestly I really tried to embrace every culture. That trip was once in a life time for me so I really wanted to get the most out of every situation. I tried so many different foods that where amazing and had so many incredible experiences, however, I truly missed Darren (my fiancé) and my family. I didn't expect for it to be so hard to be apart, especially on those two days in Cambodia when I couldn't speak to Darren. As much as it was a really good fun experience I just wish he could have been there to share it with me. 

If I where ever to travel or go 'off grid' again he would have to be by my side, sharing ever memory and adventure as without him I really don't have as much fun! As much as you make this you would miss the silly things, the materialistic things I think it truly shows how much you care for your loves ones and how being surrounded by them everyday brings you so much joy and fulfilment in to your life. 

Flogas put together this short video with all the things people would miss and I could really relate: 

As much as I loved my travel experience I don't think I could quiet go 'off grid' well at least not without my loved ones coming along too :)

I hope you liked this different style of post!

What do you think you would miss?

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