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Be Healthy.
I guess this is something everyone says they want to and yes its on mine too. However, I don't just mean healthy in terms of eating and food I mean healthy in mind and body too :) I plan on looking after myself so much more. I want to try and improve my health the best I can, this means regular eye tests, following up on CBT and trying a Gluten Free diet once more. I have had a few bad years in terms of health so this year is the year I change that. I do want to start the healthy eating and I would love to join the gym once more but this may have to happen in a month or two. 

Plan our wedding.
I have mentioned this a few times now ... I am getting married! I have been planning my wedding ever since I was a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding (Age 13). I have so many exciting ideas so its just a case of getting everything in to place now. 

Buy our first home. 
This is going to happen pretty soon to be honest as we are on our way with it all. Last New Years eve (2015) Darren said this is the year we get a mortgage and we are nearly there :) Im so excited to have my own home once again and I am more than excited to fill it with pretty homewears.

Travel locally 
As you may know I spent 3 months of 2016 travelling around South East Asia. I had such an incredible time and loved experiencing so much culture however, it made me realise how little I have seen of my own country. I would love to spend a few weekends away exploring other cities and neighbouring countries such as Scotland and Wales. 

Of course all of this I will be doing with my partner in crime - Darren and hopefully a little addition to our family in the form of a puppy :D

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