Honeymoon Destinations part 2 | Travel*

Since my last post a few weeks ago about Luxury honeymoon destinations, we have finally booked ours. I mentioned I would love to go on a cruise and we have decided to do just that! As well as visit Miami, I am incredibly excited as I have never been to any where other than New York in America and I have never been on a cruise so it is going to be a whole new experience! I have already been 'pinning' to my hearts content to find lots of fun activities for us to do but if you do have any recommendations please do let me know. 
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Last minute gifts for her | Christmas*

Similarly to my last minute gifts for men I have put together a few ideas for the ladies! I find it a lot easier to shop for the women in my life as I only have my mum to pick for! Well I say that but I tend to choose a lot for Darren’s family members too!! 
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Gift Guide for Him | Christmas*

As it’s now only 2 weeks until the big day I presume if your pretty organised like I am then you have already bought all your presents and maybe even started to wrap them! But for those of you who are not that crazy I thought I would share some last minute gift guide ideas! 
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Gin Lovers Gift Guide | Christmas*

Gin gift guide

So over the past year or two there certainly has been a rise in the popularity of a certain spirit! It’s something I wouldn’t have even thought about drinking until a little trip to a festival came on to my agenda and ever since I’ve been obsessed. From tours to tastings I’ve fully immersed myself in to the world of GIN!

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Stocking Filler gift guide for her | Christmas

Updating your home this winter | Wishlist

I never really understood when I was younger there was always adverts on the TV regarding getting your new sofa, kitchen, furniture etc in time for Christmas. I used to think well what difference does it make if its in before Christmas or not? Well... now I get it! I get the winter urge to update your home, make it cosy and have it sorted in time for getting the Christmas tree up! Some of my friends have recently bought their first homes and after chatting home wears and furnishings its got me looking too! Darren seems to be obsessed with getting a living room carpet at the moment, I am getting more on board with the idea but obviously its rather expensive. 
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Under £20 Gift guide & Christmas shopping tips | Christmas *

Welcome to the first of my Christmas gift guides.
 I love putting these together so any opportunity for me to do so I will! I have had a good look through some of my favourite sites to share with you what I think would make a fabulous gift. I have decided to start off with sharing an under £20 gift guide as I know these gifts would be perfect for secret Santa or for a friend, sister girlfriend or mum! Along with this I am sharing a few Christmas shopping tips as I thought why not try to be helpful :)
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A Guide to Bali | Travel

I spent about 10 days in Bali last year and I managed to cram a lot in. So I thought today I would share my little guide to Bali. We flew in to Kuta airport and went from their straight to Ubud. We stayed in the cutest little home stay style place which was right next to the main street of the town. We explored on the first day then on the second day we decided to hire a taxi for the day and asked the driver to take us around to the highlights and temples around Ubud. This is a cheap and fun way to explore the island with your own private guide! 

We told him everything we wanted to see and he charged us about £30 for the full day!
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Luxury Honeymoon destinations | Travel*

For some crazy reason I am finding choosing a Honeymoon pretty stressful. I am extremely lucky that I have been able to travel to some amazing destinations in my life so choosing something as special as a honeymoon is just so hard. We are trying to choose a destination where neither of us have been, somewhere we can relax but also has plenty of activities to do and places to eat! We have decided to go in to a travel agent, give them our budget and dates and hopefully get them to help us out. In the mean time Im still looking at lots of beautiful locations and gathering inspiration. I thought  i'd put together a post all about the various locations I believe would be an amazing place to go on Honeymoon.
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The Willerby Show Ground | Travel

A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch of Hulls brand new Willerby show ground. When I received this invite I didn't actually know what this was however after a quick google I found Willerby are the UK’s largest manufacturer of holiday homes and lodges. I stayed in these types of caravans / lodges when I was younger so I was really interested to see what they would be like now!
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Viking Arty Party | Event

Viking Arty Party
Image courtesy of Search laboratory

A few weekends ago Amy and I travelled over to Leeds to attend the Viking Arty Party hosted at Lamberts Yard. We where told that it was Christmas theemed so we where very excited to get Christmas crafting. I wasn't sure what the plans where for the event but I love crafting so I knew it would be lots of fun! 
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Healthy Travelling this winter | Tips*

I’m finally at the point where I have to put my heating on. I’m not someone who takes pride in lasting as long as they can before giving in – no shame in that. I’ve also been in my winter PJs and snuggled up in my dressing gown for at least a week, and I’ve already had the awful seasonal transition cold.  

While I was cuddled up in my warm winter nest, all I could do was dream of being back on holiday, having adventures and topping up my tan, and it got me thinking about winter holidays. How do you deal with the transition between climates if you’re headed to a hot country? Or how do you deal with cold if you’re off skiing? I mulled it over and decided it was a great topic for travel tips post. So here we are, my top tips for healthy travels this winter. 

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Finding the perfect Dress | Wedding

Finding the perfect wedding dress

The ring is on your finger, the date is set and you’ve selected your bridesmaids. Now you need to find the perfect wedding dress! Finding the perfect dress can be challenging and stressful. There are hundreds of wedding shops and you certainly don’t want to visit all of them. I myself only visited 3 shops and in the 3rd shop I found the perfect one! Last weekend it actually arrived in store and I had to go try it on to check I was still happy with it and I was !!

Finding the right dress is an important part of getting married. You want to look and feel fabulous! To make the process a little less stressful and more productive, here are some top tips when on the hunt for the perfect dress.
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Hen party accessories | Wedding

After posting about bride gifts, groom gifts and over all wedding gifts I thought why not write about Hen do gifts & accessories! My amazing maid of honour is doing a fab job organising my hen do, well as far as I know as I actually don't know anything about it! I have been sending her hints of things similar to the above to potentially get for all of our hens. But I have also been keeping an eye out for something I can get her for all of her hard work planning it!

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The longest flight ever | Travel*

I have been home for over a year now since my 3 month travel adventure. I don't feel like I have written about it in so long, yet I feel like I still have so much to say! I wrote a diary every day of mt travels so maybe one day I will be able to share more. Today however I am actually talking about my journey home. Bit of an odd one but this was the first time I had ever travelled solo and typically it was the longest possible journey you could do. 

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Gin Rocks Festival Harrogate | Travel*

A few weeks ago I was invited to the first Gin Rock Festival. To say I was excited was an understatement. You may know that we are massive gin fans, so when I heard about this I knew I would be in for a great night. After mentioning to my parents they thought it sounded like great fun so decided to join us and make a weekend of it.
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Personalised Gifts | Wedding*

As you will probably know, I am planing my wedding! My last post I wrote all about choosing a photographer, but today I am sharing with you some fab personalised gifts. I have read so many different blogs and articles about asking for wedding gifts vs. asking for money and what to buy and what value. I personally find it cheeky asking but everyone has reassured me it is the 'done thing'. We are hoping if we do receive any money to put it towards our honeymoon, and we have decided to not write up a 'gift list'. However today I am sharing with you some great gifts from Your Design, that I think would make a lovely little something for the happy couple!

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5 things to do in Edinburgh | Travel

I recently went to Edinburgh for the first time! I had wanted to go for so long so when I had the chance to take Darren for his birthday I thought yes why not, lets go! I booked a Travel lodge just off the Royal Mile and decided we would drive there even though its a long 5 hours from Hull! I booked us to do two distillery tours and to see the castle, the rest of the time we just planned to explore. 

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Pickering Gin Distillery Tour Edinburgh | Travel

On the bank holiday weekend Darren and I drove up to Edinburgh to celebrate his Birthday! (Just a quick 5 hour drive the morning after we had a party) with minutes to spare we arrived on time for our first planned activity - the Pickerings Gin Tour! I was so so excited to be going on the tour as Pickerings is our favourite Gin so we wanted it to be our first tour experience ! 

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Luminos Bathroom Mirror | Review*

You may have seen I have recently bought and moved in to my very first home. I have been posting a few different room tours explaining the make overs or perhaps lack of that each room went through. The room we did the least to being the bathroom, this was just because we loved the way it looked when we bought the house. I explained that the shower wasn't great so this may be something we could look in to changing at a later date, which will probably have to be after our wedding now. 

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Autumn Fashion | Wishlist

Autumnal Fashion

As we are all fully aware Autumn is pretty much upon us! We had a sort of summer but now everyone is pretty excited about fallen leaves, chunky knits and cosy nights in. This inspired me to start looking at some new pieces for my winter wardrobe. I tend to buy more clothes in the winter for some reason so I really don't need to be getting to spend but its nice to have a wardrobe update now and again isn't it!
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OOTD | Spanish White

I havn't posted an Outfit of the day for so so long! When I was in Spain I tried to get a few shots of my different outfits however, they didn't all go to plan apart from the few snaps I got of this one and funnily enough this one is actually my favourite too!
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Browns Family Jewellers | Cluse Watch Review*

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Browns family Jewellers to ask if I would like to receive a watch. Obviously I said yes as I know they stock such beautiful pieces! I was so excited to browse their collection and the brand that caught my eye immediately was Cluse. I have seen a few Cluse watches on Instagram and I thought they where so elegant and pretty I knew that I would love to feature one on my blog.

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My University Experience & Why You Should Consider Clearing | Lifestyle

A bit of a random post today however, I had a little opportunity this week to head back in to education (sort of) and check out the University of Hull campus. After living in Hull for most of my life I havn't actually seen much of the campus so I signed myself up to a little tour. 
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Home Wear | Wish List

I havn't done a little home wear wish list in a while so I thought I would put one together. I have pretty much filled my home now but that doesn't stop me from browsing the internet and looking at pretty things! Our next to do is the garden so I should probably be looking at that instead. However, I'm not, I'm looking at cute pink cups from H&M and this beautiful glass bowl that is an absolute bargain from Wilko.

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Great British Food Festival, Castle Howard | Food

Last weekend we where invited by Taste Card to come along to the Great British food festival at Castle Howard, just outside York. As we had no plans for the weekend we decided it would be a nice little outing and we got to take the dog along too. I hadn't been to Castle Howard before to I was excited to go along and check it out. It was about an hour and twenty minutes drive from Hull so not too far to take the dog along with us in the car.

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Must have Summer Products | Beauty

I wish I could say that I'm writing this sat in the sunshine enjoying the Great British summer however, its raining and I'm cuddled up on the sofa feeling cosy instead! I thought it was meant to be sunny in July? Anyway, I will channel my inner summer vibes and carry on telling you all about my favourite products that are perfect for the 'summer' / your summer holiday!
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Life Lately | Update

I fancied writing up a little post about life lately and what I've been doing what I'm up to etc. I was recently sent this beautiful mid year / 2018 diary from BusyB who are one of my favourite stationary brands and they have inspired me to get my life in check! Some of you may know that I left my last job role in March (very long story not appropriate for the blog) and since then life has had many ups and downs...
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Reflection | Travel

Every year I used to come to the seaside town of Nerja in Spain to a villa that my parents friends own and having not been for the last 5 years this time round I think I have really appreciated just how special it is here. 

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House Tour | Bed Room

Bed room inspiration

This is my final instalment of my house tour series. The Bed room is finally looking like an actual homely room rather than just a room full of furniture! A few weekends ago I went along to Ikea with Ashton as she is filling her new home with beautiful things too. I needed just a few bits to make this room look finished. 

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Choosing the Right Photographer | Wedding*

Choosing the Right wedding Photographer

Choosing the right photographer is just as important as choosing your wedding dress in my opinion, the photos will be your lasting memory so you have to ensure you choose the right person for you. My parents have been married 28 years now and I still love looking through their album (printed actual photos in an album yes its a thing!). We sort of knew who we would choose any way but we still had a little look around just to be sure. 
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Garden Inspiration | By Darren*

Garden furniture

You might have seen a few posts recently about different rooms in our house since we moved in a few months ago and we’re finally almost done inside, but we still have plenty to do outside – especially now the weather is getting better.

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Gifts for the Groom | Wedding*

I recently wrote a post about gifts for a Bride to be so I thought I best be fair and share perfect gifts for the groom too! These are all products that I would buy as a maybe morning of the wedding gift to my hubby or maybe as a joint gift that I would give the happy when attending a wedding.
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The Best Instagram stores for Summer Style | Fashion*

You can’t beat online shopping for last-minute holiday purchases – with offers, next-day deliveries and easy free returns, it’s the easiest way to get your wardrobes ready without hours and hours trawling the shops. 

What you may not know, is there’s a load of Instagram stores that can make it even easier – you can shop when you’re scrolling. Here are some of the top Instagram stores to try. 

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Travel Toiletries Review & Giveaway | Travel*

Travel Toiletries

I am jetting off to sunny Spain in a few weeks so the inner organised me has been trying to burst out and start packing however, its still a little early so I thought instead I could share with you a few of the travel toiletries that will be coming along with me. We only have one suitcase between two of us so we need to make sure we don't over pack, so its minis all the way!
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Perfect gifts for Fathers Day | Gift Guide*

As you may already know Fathers Day is coming up next week! On Sunday the 18th June we will celebrate the Dads in our lives. For me personally I don't feel like I thank my Dad for everything he does for me often enough so I wanted to try and get him something nice to mark the occasion. I have put together this little gift guide not only to share what I am getting my Dad this year but also to try and give you some inspiration for gift giving.
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Unique Hair Salon Hessle | Review*

I was recently asked along to Unique Hair Salons in my home town of Hessle (the outskirts of Hull) for a hair make over! This could not have come at a better time as my hair was in desperate need of some attention. I get my hair done properly about once a year, just because my mum cuts it for me (she used to be a hair dresser) and I * don't think it looks that bad ?? * when I have roots? Anyway, it needed a bit of a spruce up so I was very excited to go along and have a revamp. 
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House Tour | Living Room

I have been putting this little series together of showing the different rooms within my new house so if your new here check out my Bathroom and my Kitchen and if your keeping up with the series, here is my living room! This one has been a long time coming as we had to wait a few months for our sofas however, it is finally complete!
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Long Lasting Products | Beauty

I havn't written a little beauty post in a while so I thought I would put one together. I havn't really bought a lot of new things in a while however my last little haul included some newbies from L'oreal that I am loving. After using them for a month or two now I have released how great they are and how long lasting! So, I thought I would share a few products that I think are really long lasting.

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Veri Peri Review | Food*

A few Sundays ago Ashton & I took a little round trip to Bradford to try out Veri Peri ! Its a portuguese restaurant based in the city centre and we where invited along to try out and review their menu. Having never been to Bradford before we thought why not. Its only an hour from Hull so we decided to give it ago.

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Home Wear Wish List | Interiors*

Home wishlist

As you may know we havn't long been moved in to our first home. We got it sorted pretty quickly as we spent a good few days painting, decorating and shopping for furnishings. We have lived here a few months now and I feel like a few rooms need some finishing touches! So with this is mind I have put together a little wish list of a few desirables. 

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6 Top Tips for getting a Tip Top Night’s Sleep | Lifestyle*

For those that follow my blog regularly, you’ll know that I struggle to sleep, most nights. 

I may, however, finally have cracked the code and found a few things that really help! So, I’m sharing them with you to make sure you get all the beauty sleep you need. 

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My must visit destinations in Vietnam + 2 week Itinerary plan | Travel

Two week guide to vietnam
I thought I would share with you everything I got up to in Vietnam. I had a very mixed emotion experience and there was some high and low points however, reflecting back I truly did have a great time in Vietnam and managed to see and do so much. Hopefully this post will be useful for any of you planning on travelling through Vietnam.
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4 Reasons why I keep blogging | Champagne & Lemonade .ox

I feel like there is a bit of a cloud over the blogging world at the moment and everyone is a bit down due to low engagement, twitter dramas, bots and so on! I have to admit I'm feeling the same, I often just think why am I actually doing this? I have had this blog for 5 years now and I have written 585 posts! (Thats pretty crazy) And I often think that it may have I ran its course now, am I bit over it? But then I think of all of the reasons I do actually blog and I think why would I give this up...

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Pastel Wish List | Fashion

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Your New McDonalds | Hull*

I was recently invited along to my local McDonalds Restaurant with my fellow Hull Bloggers to see how the restaurant has changed and evolved into what it has become today. It has recently undergone a big refurb and shake up so we was invited to learn more about why these changes has been made and why it is now better than ever...
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Poor Boy Boutique Store Opening | Hull

Last week I was invited along to see the new Poor Boy Boutique store that has relocated to Humber Street, Hull. If you are Hull based Fashion Fan I'm sure you'll know all about Poor Boy as it is one of our cities gems when it comes to one off unique pieces. It used to be situated in the Princes Quay Shopping centre but has now moved to the most up and coming area of Humber Street.
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The Perfect Gifts for a Bride to Be | Wedding*

I'm sure it will be no surprise to you that I am engaged! I have written about my engagement and wedding plans on my blog a few times and they are always very well received so today I thought I would put together a post and share with you my favourite gifts for Brides to be. Last year I wrote about Wedding gifts from Rooi.com and we decided to collaborate again to bring you another post filled with beautiful gifts.
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April Wish List | Fashion

April Wish List

I have been hunting around a few of my favourite online websites and taking a look at what's new! I haven't really bought much new clothing this year but I will soon need to have a wardrobe clear out and update! As I was travelling last summer I didn't buy anything new so this year its defiantly time.

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