Monthly Favourites | December

Monthly Favourites December

I havnt posted a monthly favourites since September, and I have managed to include one of my favourites from then in this one too .. So I clearly liked it! Any way here is what I have been loving lately.

I picked this up in T K Maxx the other weekend for £14.99 I absolutely love it. Its super cute and really handy to pop in your bag for nights out rather than taking your full purse that holds £2.68 worth of pennies, 74 store cards and 32 old receipts!

Monthly Favourites December

Sunkissed Eyeshadow palette
I received this as a prize at the Blogger Halloween party in October and I have used it none stop ever since. It is so perfect for all occasions as it has some natural tones and some shimmer and sparkle. I love every colour within the palette so I'm so glad it came in to my collection. At a BARGAIN price of £2.99 you need to pick this up!

Dior Addict lipstick
I have had this a little while now and recently I have been reaching for it regularly. It is a perfect peach colour that glides on with ease. I would always recommend Dior Lipsticks as they last so well, the pigmentation is great and the colours and packaging is beautiful!

Monthly Favourites December

I have been taking these Seven Seas tablets for a few weeks now and I truly think they have made a difference. I have been suffering for joint pain and I feel like if I take one of these daily I am not in as much pain and discomfort ! These Vitamins are meant to help with your bones, heart, vision and brain.I think I shall carry on with them and they may make me a genius!

Organii Liquid Lavender soap
I was recently sent this Organii soap to try out. We have had it in our bathroom the past few weeks and it must have gone down well as it was empty fairly quick. I really loved the lavender scent and I loved how it left your hands feeling really clean. I hadn't previously used Organii before but I would now be willing to try out lots more!

Monthly Favourites December

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate 2 in 1 Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner
This is another product I received at the Blogger Halloween Party. Dr Botanicals attended the event and they where nice enough to give me this product after I explained I had been having dry flakey scalp around my hair line. I have loved using it over the past few weeks. It makes my hair feel really clean and it has been helping with the dry scalp issue too! I would love to try a few more products from them as I have really enjoyed using this one.

Monthly Favourites December

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