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A few weeks ago Darren and I hosted a little engagement party for close family and friends. We decided to have it at Furley & Co. in Hull as it was a good central location, a nice room with its own bar and the room was only £50 to hire.

We decided that I we didn't want to provide food so we just planned on having little nibbles for the tables. In the weeks before the party I started buying decorations and my mum bought us bags or crisps, sweets and popcorn. We also made an olive, sun dried tomato and feta mix which went down so well, we kept topping up the jars throughout the night. We didn't spend loads but just enough to keep it simple and sweet.

Most of my decorations I bought from Hobby craft. They have a fab selection of things so I spent around £20 or bunting, the love balloon, some hanging paper decorations and napkins. All with a pink theme. I also printed some photos from when Darren and I was in Thailand and clipped them up on a piece of ribbon.

I wanted a way of collecting peoples addresses so that we could send thank you cards and future wedding correspondence so I bought a note book from Tesco stuck in a photo of us and asked people to leave there address. It went down well and now I have them all to hand when needed! 

We collected the glass jars from what we already had, a few where borrowed from Furley and my mum also bought some from a charity shop. They all looked so cute when there where positioned together so Im really glad we had that idea. 

Apart from the lack of music on the evening (Due to awful Hull internet) the night was fabulous. I had such a great night with my friends and family and got rather drunk. I really loved that we kept it pretty simple as it turned out to look really effective. 

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