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A word that every girl loves to hear is freebie! If you love the idea of free make-up samples, you will want to read further, as this information is exactly what you need to get your sample on. 

While some may think that diamonds are a girl's best friend, the reality just may be that free makeup samples are better. Freebies can be the perfect way to learn about and try new products, or to even stock up on some of the products that you are running low on and your wallet is feeling a little bit light. 

Whether you are broke or still looking for the perfect lipstick shade to wear everyday, these are just a few of the places that you can go to get your sample on. Without any further wait, these are some of the best websites that you can stalk when you are hoping to find a freebie, or three: 

Freebie Websites 

There are a number of freebie sites that are always rotating out new sample deals that you can get in on. New samples are added on a daily basis, which means that you will always have a great selection to get your hands on, is always a great choice when wanting free samples. 

Free Samples With Order 

Many beauty companies will send you some free make-up samples when you place an order with them online. All it takes is finding some of the best that offer the right samples you are looking for. I actually received a few last week at the Clinique counter when I purchased the new moisturiser, the gift with purchase was worth over £50 so really worth it. 

Make-up Samples From Test Groups 

If you are interested in joining up with some of the product test groups that are out there today, you can receive make-up samples, try them out and then leave your valuable feedback. Once you give your feedback and opinions, most companies will send out more free make up products or even a full size product free of charge. 

Physician's Formula offers a PF Buzz program that allows you to test new products and then keep them once you are finished. L'Oreal Consumer Participation Panel also offers opportunities for answering surveys and then keeping full size products once you are done testing. 

Free Store Make-up Samples 

Go into some of your favourite stores and ask for samples. You may just be surprised at the amazing stash you could walk away with. Any store that sells make up will have the ability to send you away with a lot of free make-up samples. As you are shopping for your favourite make-up products, just ask for samples and you shall receive.

Always make use of the internet and you are going to find all sorts of hidden sample offers. 

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