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Today's post is brought to you by my very own other half, Darren. I have been asking him to work on my blog with me for a while now so finally he is taking the plunge...

With Christmas not being that far away, we've decided to do some gift guides and I hear all the time that 'guys are hard to buy for' so hopefully this will give you some inspiration. I've selected a few things that I'd like to receive (so let's see if Alex takes the hint).

1. I'm quite a lover of watches and I've been looking for a relatively simplistic in style that I could wear everyday. I wanted something that would look smart while i'm in work, but that wouldn't look too dressy for the weekends. After doing some hunting I came across the Barbour Hartley leather watch which pretty much fit my requirements. I always like receiving presents I can really get my use out of and a watch is something I would wear every day.

2. It's a simple fact that whether guys go for a clean shaven look or have a beard, we need to groom to some degree. The Asos grooming set has got everything you'd need to neaten up!

3. Who doesn't love Nandos? I'd definitely love to try out the Nandos Sizzler set so that I could enjoy the food we all love without having to wade through the sea of outrageous quiffs, snapbacks, and teenagers snapchatting their friends to tell them how 'cheeky' their afternoon is. 

4. Footwear is always another good gift idea I've found (as long as you know what size to buy). Again it something that you can use everyday and especially if you think along the lines of something like the Adidas Gazelle trainers, they can be quite flexible in terms of what you can wear them with. 

5. A belt for a guy might not seem like an amazing present, but honestly I'd love a nice quality belt to wear for work. If other guys are anything like me, we spend a lot of money on nice suits, shirts, and shoes and then pick up whatever belt we can find to go with it (usually the one that's closest to the till). Something along the lines of A Ted Baker Leather Belt would be a great way to finish off a new suit. 

6. Speaking of smarter clothing, why not consider a nice pair of trousers as a gift (again probably best if you know the size and don't just guess - remember us guys tend to eat and drink a lot over the festive season so leave some 'room for growth'). Having looked around I came across the Chums Trousers. If the person you're buying for works in a office environment or tends to have to dress smartly on a regular basis they're a great gift that will get a lot of use. 

7. If the guy you're buying for is a fan of music, I can't recommend a good pair of headphones highly enough. I've tried out the Beats Headphones in the past and they're a great balance between a really good quality sound, but also one that doesn't cost an extortionate amount. 

8. In the same way that girls like perfumes for Christmas, guys like aftershave. It might seem like a bit of an obvious choice, but it's always appreciated (well from me at least anyway). I try and change my fragrance quite regularly so that I always smell different and the most recent one I've bought is Diesel Bad Aftershave. You can definitely tell it's part of the Diesel range, but it still has enough of a difference to be unique. It seems to keep Alex happy anyway so it could be something to consider.

9. I received a Ted Baker Hold all similar to this one a couple of years ago and I cannot recommend it highly enough as a gift idea. I use it as a weekend bag when Alex and I go away because it's such a good size. It's big enough to fit a fair bit in, but not so big that you feel as though you're moving out. I've had tons of people ask me where I got my bag from! 

Anyway, enough from me. I hope this gives you at least a starting point and maybe an idea or two that you might not have thought of before. I'm sure there'll be a few more of these in the run up to Christmas too so I'll try and pick completely different items to help you out if you already have some of those above. 

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