Monthly Fashion Wishlist | October


So I have decided since I LOVE to put wish lists together of all the items I am lusting over, I am going to start monthly fashion posts. That way I can share each month what I am loving and from where. I may also do this with beauty and homewards too and again I love creating them. In the run up to Christmas these may also double up as gift guides? I really hope you like this idea and don't get sick of loadssss of wish lists from me. 

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Tips for Travelling Safely | By Darren*

tips for travelling safely in the winter

Hi everyone - it's me again. I really enjoyed writing my last post so thought I'd give it a go for a second time. I've tried to pick subjects that Alex wouldn't normally write about as well so that she can't say I'm copying. 

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Napoleons Casino and Restaurant | Review*

A week or two ago Alex and I were invited to Napoleons Casino and Restaurant in Hull for some delicious food and a lesson in gambling! 

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Skint? Here Is How To Get Beauty Samples For Free | Beauty

A word that every girl loves to hear is freebie! If you love the idea of free make-up samples, you will want to read further, as this information is exactly what you need to get your sample on. 
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Grey, Blush & Copper | Home Inspiration

You may have read my recent home wear wish list you will know that I am on the hunt for some lovely new home wears as me and Darren are soon planning to buy our first home together. As we have no storage at the minute I cant go crazy and buy thing but I can put pretty wish lists together and make inspiration boards. 
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Gentlesmens Christmas Gift Guide | Ft. Darren

mens gift guide

Today's post is brought to you by my very own other half, Darren. I have been asking him to work on my blog with me for a while now so finally he is taking the plunge...

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Sensationail Polish to Gel starter kit | Review*

Sensationail Gel to Polish starter kit

I was recently sent the new Sensationail Polish to gel kit to review. Ever since I got engaged I have been very conscious of having my nails painted. Its no surprise that everyone wants to have a look at your ring and I think I have been asked daily so having nicer nails is sort of a must! I have pretty short nails as I don't particularly like them to be long but now I do feel a little more inspired to grow them. So when Sensationail got in touch I jumped at the offer to try this out. 

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Monthly Beauty Favourites | September

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A Huge Beauty Wish List | Beauty

Beauty wish list

With my birthday coming up and christmas, I thought I would put together a HUGE beauty wish list of all the items I am lusting over. I am currently on a strict spending ban so making wish lists of all the items I want is pretty fun. Most of these items I have never tried before and a few are my staple favourites like the  Lee stafford hair growth treatment and the Liz Earle Face Exfoliator

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ChloBo Charm Bracelet | Review*

I was recently sent this gorgeous bracelet from ChloBo. I had previously not heard of the brand but after trawling through their website and social media I soon fell in love with the jewellery. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I love jewellery and I often feature it here on my blog, so I was so excited to be able to feature on of these beautiful ChloBo bracelets. 
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Top tips for attending wedding fairs | Wedding

top tips for attending wedding fairs

Since I have been back in the UK every weekend has been filled with wedding fairs ! We have been to at least one a week! I think so far we have been to around 7? and we have a huge one coming up in Manchester too! So today I thought I would share a few tips if you are about to attend your first one. 

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Home Wear | Wish List

home wear wishlist

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High End Beauty | Haul

After having limited beauty products for 3 months while I was away travelling, I was really desperate to get my hands on some new bits ! I visited a few Sephora stores while on my travels but due to limited space I didn't really buy anything. However, once I arrived in Sydney Australia it was my last destination so I knew I would be throwing things away that I didnt want to take back to the UK (Bikinis, towel etc)  so I had some extra room ;)

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My experience in Bangkok | Travel

Tips for visiting bangkok

I visted Bangkok in mid June for 4 days then again at the end of June for 4 days. My first visited I enjoyed but the second time around I loved. The first visit we had just a started our travelling adventure, we where overwhelmed, jet lagged and a bit uneasy about the whole 'we have just left our families for a few months' situation! We managed to see and do a lot more he 2nd visit so we had a much better experience. 
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