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So if you have been keeping up with my blog and social media for the past few months you will know that I have been travelling around the world ! I visited 6 countries in total spread out over 85 days. I had the most amazing time and I can not wait to share more of it with you. 

I found it harder than I imagined to blog while away. Internet wasn't always easy to access, trying to blog from an iPad is pretty hard and actually finding time to sit down and write wasn't always possible. I ended up just thinking don't worry, do what you can and just think about it when your home. and now the time has come and I am home :). 

I was really looking forward to coming home. I had an incredible experience but I was very home sick. I didn't expect to feel as home sick as I actually did but I found it very hard not being with my boyfriend and my family. The thing that kept me going the most is knowing I would miss out on so much if I returned home. I had actually planned to work in Australia however I just didn't fancy it when the time came and decided I was ready to return. 

Bondi beach sydeny

Lots of people have been asking me which was your favourite country? But I really could not choose one. I had good days and I had bad. Some locations where breath taking and others where a bit Dull ! The fact that you see it all really does make it. I visited 26 individual places so I have seen quiet a lot in very little time compared to what other people do but I feel that I did it exactly how I wanted and would never change the experience I had. 

The whole time through the trip mine and my friends saying was 'its all part of the adventure' so when we had to get dressed in the pitch black as there was a power cut on the island or the time we got shouted at on a sleeper bus or even when got completely lost in a Thai village and we had to pay a local guy for a list back, this was 'all part of the adventure'. Its funny what sayings you pick up! cheap wrote an article all about what travellers say vs. what they actually mean! I found this highly amusing as I have said a fair few of those throughout my time. I particularly love when you say ahh this is a great view and what you really mean is #NoFilter cause its going straight on Instagram ! You can read more on their blog here.

I truly did have an amazing time and I can not wait to share more of it with you. If anyone has any questions or posts that they would like to read please do leave me a comment as I have become a fountain of knowledge ;) ! I visited Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali and Australia. 

I have already written a few posts about my trip so free free to check them out: 

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