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10 Things nobody tells you about South East Asia

1.You aren't going to a desert island that is cut off from the outside world. 
Okay, dramatic! But I thought there would be no internet/wifi/phone signal I thought I wouldn't be able to buy clothes and normal food and I mean yes I did go to a few islands like that but Bangkok had every designer shop you could think of so if your gutted you left your beloved Prada handbag at home don't worry they got you ;). I would say Thailand had everything you could ever need. Laos not so much and maybe Cambodia but the rest where all absolutely fine :D 
2. There are Boots and Sephora and loads of other cool beauty stores ! 
Well not everywhere but Bangkok has everything. Bali had a Sephora, Thailand had Boots stores everywhere and the other countries sold UK branded products in convenience stores too. I was so worried that I wouldn't find the right products I wanted but it was fine ! I didn't need to worry!

10 Things nobody tells you about South East Asia

3. The people can be really really rude. 
Especially in Vietnam! it was as if they didn't understand manners at all. I was shouted at and ignored so many times, it made me really angry but I guess you have to go with a flow. 

4. However, Some people can be REALLY nice. 
We met a guy in the street who gave us loads of advice and directions of amazing things to see and do and there was no catch, he wanted nothing in return he was just happy to see tourism in the country. It sounds stupid to say you don't expect people to be so nice but it was odd haha.

10 Things nobody tells you about South East Asia

5.  When it rains it pours..
Okay we did go in monsoons season but I expected a light drizzle now and then ! Oh no I was so so wrong ! You get soaked, like wet through to your undies. just make sure you pack decent water proofs.

6. Expect to pay the 'Tourist Price'
If they know you are a tourist they will times the price of things by 5 !! In Cambodia a guy wanted to charge me $5 for a journey that took me less than two minutes to walk ! Be savvy plan your routes and do not get ripped off ! Also tell them that you have done the journey before or bought that item before etc - Always barter the price

7.Nothing is ever on time. 
So your bus says it will pick you up at 5pm maybe add an hour on to that and that will be the real time if you are lucky ! We where waiting 2 hours for a boat once and another time we got on the bus on time but it didn't actually set off for another 2 hours !!

10 Things nobody tells you about South East Asia

8. They don't use Knifes
This was surprising to us, we got looked at very funny when we asked for them too! But its part of the culture and you have to just go with it. 

9. White skin is beautiful
Obviously every skin colour is beautiful however Asian ladies prefer to have white skin. All of their beauty products have bleach and whitening chemicals in them as they see white as being the most beautiful. A lady in Vietnam told me that to get a husband you must have white skin! How crazy, I was desperate to top up my tan and turn a lovely shade of brown and she was telling me that I needed to stay white ! 

10. They drive like maniacs 
Again I'm being dramatic! But I don't really think they have many 'road rules' in SE Asia. I saw children riding around on Mo-peds, people having in depths phone calls while driving the cars and don't even get me started on what they carry on the back of their bikes ! They go through red lights, don't stop for pedestrians and constantly beep at each other, it was little scary ! 

I hope you liked this fun style of post :) & I hope you are enjoying hearing all about my adventures. 

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