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After browsing through many blogs and websites I have finally booked myself a Australian working visa. I plan on entering the country in September after travelling South East Asia for 2 and a half months. I pre purchased my visa early just so that I knew it was sorted. I wanted to confirm it was granted, that it was paid for and that I had all my right paper work pre-arrival. 

I spent a lot of time researching what I would need, how I would go about it, the price, where I would buy etc. A lot of the sites I read where from an Americans perspective so I thought I would have my own in put and give my experience and tips. I have broken it down in to smaller chunks, I that it is helpful for you.

A few really useful sites I looked at prior to applying for my visa:

The Lonely Planet | Making the most f your working holiday visa.
The Backpacking Bananas | You Tube Video
Girl Unmapped | Blog

The requirements you need before your application:

  • You have to be aged 18-30
  • You must have a British Passport with at least at least 6 months validity remaining after your proposed return to the UK
  • You must have no dependant children
  • You must be able to show sufficient funds for a return fare and the first part of your stay
  • Finally you need to meet the health criteria and not have any criminal convictions etc
Before you get going on the application:
  • Have you passport details next to you 
  • Have a payment card with you- The visa will cost $444.75 (Australian Dollars) roughly converting to £230 (UK Pounds)
  • Be on the website

Once you are granted the visa: 

  • You have 12 months from buying your visa to enter the country.
  • To be able to enter you must have $5000 Australian dollars in your bank account - this is to cover you for a few months with out a job and incase you need a flight back 
  • Once you have entered the country this is valid for one year
  • Print out your confirmation to take with you(just incase)

Other useful sites:

I hope you find this helpful ! Once I enter the country I can update any further infomration you may need :)

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