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ultimate travel bucket list

As I am now away on my travels I thought I would write up a little Bucket list post and share with you all the adventures I would like to have. I recently posted about my Ultimate travel wish list and I said I would love to visit Bali,  Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Australia and I am lucky enough to be travelling to all of these countries over the next few months (Eeek)But I would also love to visit, Las Vegas, Croatia, Morocco, Iceland and Cuba so maybe they will be the next ones on the list.

I would love to do as much as possible while I'm away but the top experience I would love to have are as follows: 

Zip wire through a jungle
Learn to scuba dive 
Learn to cook a different cuisine 
Play with Elephants 
Go to the Gili swing in Bali
Go to a Full Moon party 
Walk over the Sydney Harbour bridge 
Go to a festival outside of the UK
Take the 'perfect in the sea Instagram' 

Whats on your ultimate bucket list ?


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