The great Kebab Factory | Bangkok, Thailand*

As I recently visited Bangkok I was lucky enough to be invited to try out a restaurant in the city center with my travel buddy Laura. After a few back and forth emails we planned a date that we would be able to be there. I was really looking forward to the visit as from what I had seen online the place looked fab.

After meeting up with fellow blogger Gail, we headed over to the restaurant. Thankfully Gail knew where needed to be so she took us on the sky train then just a short walk to find the restaurant. It was pretty easy to find as it was situated next to a hotel and had a really nice exterior which I'm sure would be lovely to sit out in when the sun is shining. Unfortunately for us it has rained quiet a bit since been here. 

We where all greeted once inside and taken to our table. The decor was modern and stylish and I particularly loved that you could see the chefs cooking in the kitchen, I think is a great touch in a restaurant. We where given the menu and was asked to choose if we would like vegetarian or non vegetarian, Laura doesn't eat meat (only fish) so it was good that we got to see what both options where like. The waiter informed us that the menu is a taster menu with various courses that change every so many weeks. I thought that was a really good idea as then you are able to try lots of new dishes.

The first taster was a Galouti Kebab, this was lamb mixed with spices that was we ate with a flat bread. Luckily for me we had sauces on the table to add to the dishes so I covered mine in the mint yoghurt as I can not handle too much spice however the others spiced theirs up even more. We then tried the Punjabi Tandoori Kukkad, this was a spicy piece of chicken on the bone. Following that we had a small piece of fish named Achari Machhi Tikka, this was one of my favourite tasters and I did add a little spice to this. Finally we had a Gosht Seekh Kebab which was a minced lamb kebab which is probably the most similar to anything I had tried before. 

After each little taster they would ask whether or not we would like seconds, as the menu is unlimited portions ! I passed and went on to the main ! Served with an assortment on Naan breads and Dal lentils (which I suprisingly really enjoyed) was the Murgh Shahi Korma. This was beautifully cooked chicken in a peanutty sauce which I loved !! We then was given a try of the Biryani but we where all so full we only had a small portion. 

If all this wasn't enough we also had a desert ! We had a Kala Jamun which I can best decibe as a sort of doughnut in very sweet syrup. This was also very nice but I'm glad it was only a small portion. 

Whilst eateing we learnt that the great kebab factory is a chain that a family had brought over from India. The have a few restaurants in India as well as Bangok and Dubai !

We had such a fantastic time trying the menu and I would fully recommend a visit if you are heading to Bangkok. The quality of food is amazing for such a great price of 950 TBH ( 18.40 GBP) and that's all you can eat !! 

Thank you so so much The Great Kebab factory for hosting us ! I'm sure we will have return visit if we end up back in Bangkok.

* This meal was provided free of charge in return for a review however all options are my own 

** I apologise if the look of my posts are slightly different than usual, I am using my iPad while away traveling so may not be the same quality / layout etc ! 

Currently in Chiang Mai :D 


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