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Hull Gin festival 2016

Last weekend I celbrated the bank holiday in style as I was invited to along to attend the Hull Gin festival at the Guild Hall. I was unsure when first asked if we would like to attend, as me and Darren are not HUGE lovers of gin however, after checking out their website it looked like it could be really good fun so we took a chance and went along. 

I learnt two things on the day: 

1. It is never too early for a Gin and 

2. I like Gin !

Hull Gin festival 2016

We arrived around 12:30 and was shown in by a member of the Gin festival team they explained that we where to purchase tokens to spend at the bars, we could visit the stalls to sample different gins and there would be master classes through out the day. We where given special glasses that we where to use throughout the day and then take them home with us as a souvenir.

Hull Gin festival 2016

We decided to go big on the first drink and have a cocktail ! As me and Darren aren't massively in to gin we thought we would ease our way in.

These cocktails where 2 tokens each (£10) which was pricey but the cocktails tasted lovely so it wasnt all bad. We then had a flick through our little gin book we where given and decided which gins we thought would be best for us as novices. 

We found the Sloe gin section where they where flavoured options. These where perfect for us as it didn't even taste like alcohol, more like juice. I had Rhubarb and Ginger to start with and Darren had one that was fused with Yorkshire tea, they where both really nice. I like had one named Sloemotion which was sooo nice topped with Lemonade. I think I then tried a plain rhubarb one which was nice but I preferred the one with the hint of ginger. 

Hull Gin festival 2016

We where given badges on arrival which meant we could leave the festival and come back in as we wanted. We decided to all pop over o the pub next door for a quick bite to eat (accompanied with another gin) and then go back over. The ability to do so broke up the day a little! 

Hull Gin festival 2016

When we went back in we decided to attend a Master class, this wasnt really that fun for us as we hated the taste of the sample we where given and wasnt really that interested in what the guy had to say. I think this is just down to use not really being in to gin that much so we went back in to the main hall and had another cocktail before our time was up. 

Hull Gin festival 2016

Throughout the day there was a photo booth in the corner that printed out photos of you for free which I thought was a great touch and they also had a magician who was actually really good. We where all quiet stunned with his tricks to be honest. 

Hull Gin festival 2016
There was plenty to see, do and learn about and we had a fantastic time. I was shocked that I enjoyed the gin so much and I would defiantly look out for more of those sloe gins in the future. There was opportunities to buy your favourite gins and my friends who I went along with came home with 3 bottles!

I would like to say a huge thank you for the Gin festival for having us and we will certainly be back next time you tour to Hull. 

The Gin festival travels round different cities every weekend so make sure you take a look if one is coming to a town near you ! 

You can also read my review on the Gin festival website. 
*Tokens where given in exchange for a review. 
All opinions are my own.


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