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It has nearly been a year since I left university. It feels like it was a lifetime ago now however only 12 months have passed. Leaving my last exam thinking Oh my God 4 years has whizzed by and now I'm done. Im educated. Im an adult. I need a full time job. At the time I was oh so excited! I could not wait to leave and start earning money and living my life however, right now I would love to go back and do it all over again. 

University was so much harder than I imagined. The way I explain it is when your at school / collage and your at the top of the class always getting the best grades and really loving how well your doing, you feel pretty great about it. You go to uni and everyone else who's the top of the class from all of the other schools and collages across the UK join you, suddenly you aren't the best any more. You are just swimming in a pool of people all wanting to achieve the same goal. Thinking about it one year on I do wish I had put more effort in, I wish I joined more clubs and got involved in uni activities. I sort of wish I lived in a big house with 10 other people (only sort of) however it is what you make it and I did have a great time (mostly). 

Today I thought I would put a little uni essentials post together just as a bit of a reminiscent for me and a handy guide for those heading off in September.

My first tip is start buying all your items early! There is nothing worse than doing a huge shop all in the day before you leave and having to spend a fortune. I started as soon as I knew I had a place so that it was a lot more manageable. 

There are loads of guides online with full lists of items you may need to take. However, you are not going to need it all. It is personal preference. So take what YOU think you will need. 

Buy homely touches. Most student halls of residence or flats will not let you decorate however you are usually allowed to stick up posters and photos around your room to make it more personal. I took photo frames, pillows and blankets, posters and small ornaments just to make it more styled to me. 

Don't forget to take coat hangers! It may sound silly but people do forget these! You probably won't ever iron without your parents around so you have to give your clothes some hope. 

Take along some alcohol for your first night. No doubt you will have a wonder out around your local area and find shops however you may be able to bribe your parents in to buying you some before you leave ;)

Another essential for your nights out is a pack of cards. These are guaranteed to be ruined with spilt drinks or just drunken people loosing them, but they are so handy when it comes to playing drinking games. 

An important item for me was a bus pass. In Manchester (where I studied) it is essential to buy a student bus pass Most students buy them yearly son once you have your pass your free to jump on the bus as much as you want whenever you want. You can go to uni in the morning, your weekend job or even in to town for a night out. So don't forget to factor this in to your budget. 

Dvds or a Netflix subscription is also a must have as most halls don't provide you with a TV and if they do you will need to pay for a TV license. So just take these along instead and avoid the extra costs. 

I added in a few essentials for your lectures too such as note books and pens, your laptop and most importantly a travel cup to make your self a cup of tea to take with you in the morning and save paying £2 in you uni cafe! 

I hope all of these tips are useful to those starting university in September! Best of luck and remember to work hard and have fun :D

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