My Ultimate Travel | Wishlist

Ultimate travel wishlist

I was recently asked by Multi Lotto what I would do if I was to win the lottery! My goal in life is to travel as much as possible so I thought I would create a post to chat about my ultimate travel wish list. Multi lotto is a site that allows you to play on different country’s lotteries so I thought it seemed pretty fitting to talk about travelling to different countries. 

Elephants in south africa

I have been pretty lucky so far in life to have travelled to some amazing places including; South Africa, Dubai, Kenya, Mexico, Egypt and Mozambique, to name a few, along with other various european countries .  I have also travelled over to America once to visit New York for my 21st birthday! So yea pretty well travelled so far in life, but there are just too many more places I want to visit. 

This has been on my list for sooo long now. Imagine the clear blue sea with white sand, chilling with a cocktail, laying in a hammock! Absolute paradise. I have looked into Bali so much and I am determined to go and check out the paradise for myself.

This is a recent addition to my travel wish list. It wasnt really some where I had heard about much but I stumbled upon it (Thanks pinterest) and now I want to go soooo much. Apparently its a bit pricey but I'm sure the experience would be worth it. 

Las Vegas 
My parents recently visited Las Vegas and I became extremely envious. They had such a fab time doing all the amazing site seeing like the grand canyon and the fabulous shows! I would love to go there, have a little gamble and maybe get married by Elvis too. 

travel wish list

Again somewhere else I sort of stumbled upon and I fell in love with. It sounds like such an exciting place with plenty to see and do! 

I think if I had to choose any where in the world Thailand would be the one. I just want to see everything, taste ALL of the food and gain every experience. I am obsessed with the place, all I do is watch videos about it, pin images and read blog posts ! It is ultimate #TravelGoals

With it being next to Thailand, Cambodia is also a must see for me. Trekking through jungles, partying on the beaches who wouldn't want to be there.

Pinterest is my go to for inspiration so make sure you check out all of my Travel boards that are filled with al the info you may need to start planning your dream trip!
Thanks Multi Lotto for inspiring me to write about all my travel goals.

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  1. That's great. You shared the ultimate travel wishlist. I also want to visit my dream places but can't afford.
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