Being proud to be British | & Celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday

Proud to be british

Every blogger loves a surprise package landing on their door step. Especially when it is filled with the most adorable goodies! With our very own Queen celebrating her 90th Birthday, Deramores have sent me this adorable package and asked me to write up what makes me proud to be British.

Celebrating the Queens 90th birthday

This isn't actually something I have thought about previously. Im always dreaming of travelling around a seeing other countries but I think we all forget there are many special things about our very own. Its in the name GREAT Britain, I love feeling patriotic an proud it makes you feel like your special and a part of something. A few years a go when I lived in London I went along to a few of the Queens Jubilee celebrations and they where amazing! Such fun, exciting events that wouldn't happen anywhere else. Sooo lets have a think things to be proud of....

1. Our Sports Men and Women are pretty good!

Yea Im not massively in to sports but you know when your in the moment and England are winning and your thinking wow we could do this, you shout, you scream, you do the 'ahhhhh' hands on head situation and you love it! When a big sporting event is on you get proper in to it and some how become this biggest fan of *Insert favourite event here*

2. Our Fashion Industry.
This may just be 'me being me' but our fashion is wayyyy better than most other places. We have some of the most talented designers in the world who learnt in this very country, we have built up some of the biggest high street names and are seen as the leading country in the fashion world. We are innovative, we are bold and we take risks. Don't get me wrong some other countries you can find amazing pieces however, we all love a bit of the Great British high street.

3. Our incredibly talented Musicians.
Everyone knows that British musicians are the best. I could just say ' The Beatles' and leave it right there .. cause everyone loves the Beatles! But people such as Ed Sheeran, The Spice Girls, Oasis and Queen just to name a few are all authorities on the British Music industry.

I love different cuisines, if I'm honest I could Mexican food every day if it was possible. However, British food is pretty darn good and every holiday us brits go on we always crave a good British fry up or a sunday dinner. I have to say my all time fave is fish and chips can not beat it sat on a cold windy sea front! Don't get that in the Maldives do you ;)

5. Our amazing History & Culture.
Okay time to be serious. Our history is pretty amazing. Us Brits have done some mind blowing stuff and it have shaped the country as it stands today. There is literally an insane amount of historical people and events to be proud of!

We have so much going on sometimes you need to just get as involved as possible, check out the local events, learn more about our history and culture, then tell all the other countries so that can come and experience it too.

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*This is a collaborative post however, all opinions are my own.


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