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Following on from my Spring interiors post I thought I would create a sort of 'part two' post and share my spring cleaning tips. VictoriaPlum.com recently got in touch to tell me all about their advice pages on their site. They are full of helpful information including buying guides, how to tutorials and of course various tips. I have been reading up on their bathroom spring cleaning tips post. 

Cleaning the bathroom is the worst task for me. I just really don't enjoy doing it, who would? But once I'm stuck in I love it once its all sparkly and clean once again. I usually start with clearing away any rubbish or clutter. I go through all of my products, throw out any ones that are used up or have been sat there for a little while and chuck it all in a bin bag. I some time even clean my products too! I used to store all my make up in my bathroom so it is always a good idea to give them a good clean now and again too. 

I then would move on to giving it a little hoover. Bathrooms are never usually too big so this does ever take me long. Once thats sorted I take the spray and get spritzing everything and wiping it all down with hot water. I then mop the floor and usually pop my bath mat and towels in for a wash. 

A few little tips I have learnt include:

  • Using a tooth brush to get between any awkward places like under the taps and in the corners. 
  • Once you have sprayed your product leave it to work in a little while before attempting to scrub away it makes it a lot easier. 
  • To get rid of those streaks that are some times left behind use an old small towel to buff up your taps!
  • Get your glass shining, rub a teaspoon of lemon oil on glass shower doors twice a month causes water to bead up and roll off.
  • I have also heard by pouring coke down your toilet can help it sparkle, but I haven't tried that for myself yet. 

What are your cleaning tips?
Have you checked out the Victoria Plum blog?

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