Why it's Essential to Wear Sunscreen in 2016 | Tips & Tricks

So many of us spend lots of time trying to look after our skin as best we can.  Trying to keep those lines and wrinkles at bay and looking young is the ultimate goal of many women. Some people swear by certain products and use them religiously. Others take a more random approach and are forever trying new lotions and potions. In the UK alone, the skincare industry was reckoned to be worth around £840 million just a couple of years ago. This is sure to have grown since then as there and more and products hitting the shelves that claim to help your skin look flawless.

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One of the biggest causes of skin damage and ageing are often overlooked. It’s the sun! Sure, we go holiday and slap on the sunscreen but don’t consider the effects of the sun’s rays everyday at home. If you live somewhere like Manchester like me you might not think you see the sun often enough to worry! But you still should.Even on cloudy and cold days there are still enough rays to cause damage to your complexion over time. There’s also the obvious reasons for wearing suncream. It can help prevent painful burning, and ultimately can help prevent getting skin cancer. Cancer touches 1 in 3 of us, so it makes sense to protect yourself every way you can.

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If you’re off on a family summer holiday, you’ll be packing the really high factor stuff for the kids. If you plan on doing any activities that include water then you need to make sure that is waterproof. I think these days that most children's formulas are waterproof. It’s more likely that they’ll run off into sprinklers or get in a water fight, although I still would like to do that too!  Have you thought about the level of protection you are using for your own skin? There are so many brilliant self tanning products you can buy now! There is no need to expose your skin to the sun and it’s damaging rays. Fake tans no longer have to be streaky or smelly. If you prepare your skin properly and follow instructions thoroughly you can do a fantastic looking job, even at home.

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If your sunscreen has expired, then it won’t be of any benefit. The cream loses its powers and will no longer protect you from the big ball of fire in the sky. As the lotion's ingredients break down, it may even irritate your skin if you use it. Bin the old bottles and replenish your supplies.

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Make sure you apply sunscreen frequently and thoroughly. For hard to reach places, spray dispensing bottle are a brilliant idea. Always re-apply when you’ve been in the water, even if it says it is waterproof. This will ensure you have continuous protection. The risks and potential damage are so great, it’s not worth taking the chance. Always wear sunscreen!  

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