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A little while ago I started a meet my blogging friends series and have decided to carry it on once more so here is the next beauty for you... 
My blog is called The Kats Paws but my name is Kathryn Watson and my blog is somewhere I love to talk about a whole host of things - food, travel, fashion, beauty and more.

Why did you start your blog? A lot of people would always ask me where I had gotten something from, or which make-up I would recommend for them and so I thought I would start a blog as I love talking about my favourite things and I love writing.

How long have you been blogging? Two years.

What is your favourite part about blogging and what makes you carry on? I aren’t going to lie, it is amazing being sent products to try out and review that normally I couldn’t necessarily afford otherwise. But I also really enjoy going to blogger events as I get to meet lots of other fab bloggers and have made some great friends through blogging. I also love hosting events for other bloggers and have so far hosted three events - one in Sheffield, one in Hull and one at the Kiehls store in York.

What has been your best opportunity that has come as a result of your blog? There have been a lot but I think the best thing was when I went to Orlando this year and Universal Studios gave me free entry and a fast pass to get on rides without queuing - as such a huge company, this was an amazing opportunity.

What blogs do you love to read? I actually prefer to watch You Tube videos - Zoella, Velvet Ghost and Sprinkle of Glitter but I always check on British Beauty Blogger’s blog as she seems to review every single beauty product going.

Any think you want to add about me and youu as blogger friends ;) It was kinda crazy (in a good way) how we met, I was on Twitter and you and Jenny were talking about an event in Hull and so I asked if I could help in anyway and we managed to put on a pretty fab event for Hull Bloggers with goody bags that I think will go down in history, so that was obviously an amazing experience to share.

Any links to social etc you would like to share: Facebook: Instagram: the_kats_paws Twitter: @kjw130384 and Snapchat @kjw130384


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