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How often do you and your partner go out for a date night? Once a month? twice a month? Me and my boyfriend are guilty of at least once a week! We love going out for a nice meal. We are really in to trying new food, exploring new restaurants and cuisines so we like to indulge, quiet a lot! Over the past month we have visited Solita in Prestwhich which I can fully recommend for a hefty burger.  We tried the newly opened Wagamamas in Trafford Centre, which apparently is one of the largest restaurants they own. And we visited a local Indian in Bury called the Jewel in the crown. So yes, we get around! Mostly as a weekend treat. 

Now, when it comes to paying the bill it could become a little awkward however, as we live together, shop together, eat together we usually just share the price of the bill or either I will pay one week and he would pay the next. Don't get me wrong I do occasionally get my half paid for, like for our valentines meal but we mostly share :). 

According to a recent survey conducted by  My Voucher Codes only 35% of men feel that meals should be shared 50/50 and 41% of women do not expect men to pay for the entire date ! I however wouldn't want my boyfriend to always be paying for me. We are in 2016 ! The traditions have gone out of the window ! I think if my boyfriend says that he wants to take me out as a treat and organised it all etc then yes I don't mind being paid for, but other than that why should the man always have to pay? Its not their job to pay! It is really lovely if they do offer but I think that woman should offer too. 

I suppose this can be a bit of a hot topic for most to discuss but I just wanted to offer my opinion. You can read more about the survey here and check out the info graphic that shows how dating has changed over the last 50 years ! 

What is your opinion ? 
Also where do you go on date night? Any recommendations ?
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