Fake Bake Self Tan | Review*

Fake Bake // 5 Minute Mousse Self-Tan // £22*

Fake Bake // Original Self-Tan Lotion  // £26.95*

I am a huge lover of fake tan. I have quiet fair skin so when I can I like to add a bit of colour. Usually when I have a big night out but sometimes just to add a bit more of a healthy glow to my skin. I have been using Fake Bake for a few years now as I have found it works really well for me. The colours are perfect for what I need and work well with my fair skin tone. The application is really easy and hassle free. 

When using the Original fake bake I tend to have a shower, making sure I use a body scrub. I then moisturise and let that skin in and then I apply my tan. I use a mitt which you can usually pick up for a few pounds. I prefer a mitt to gloves as I feel like its quicker and easier. Obviously it does look very dark on application but I usually sleep with this on and then wash it off the following day. It ensures the coverage is even and really sinks in to your skin! It isn't the best smelling but once it has been washed off you the smell isn't really noticeable. I think you can just apply it without washing it off but I just prefer this method. 

The 5 minute tan has to be my favourite ! Perfect for when you do not have as much time to prepare and get your self ready. It develops within 5 minutes so you are good to go! The moose consistency makes it very easy to apply and you can easily see where you need to add a little more.

I would really recommend fake bake as a brand and if it is your first time using I think the 5 minute moose is the best option. They are available in Boots, Debenhams and online here

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