Wisdom Dental Hygiene | Review*

Dental hygiene isn't really something that I have ever reviewed apart from in a monthly empties post however, I was lucky enough to receive these products from Wisdom as part of my Hull Bloggers meet up goodie bag. They where so generous to give each blogger these full sized products to try out so I hoped everyone liked them as much as me. Im not really too picky when it comes to choosing tooth paste, I usually just pick up which ever one is on offer or is cheap. I have actually used Wisdom in the past and I really liked the taste. I know that may sound a bit off but some taste awful or just too strong for my liking! I like this as it is just right and leaves a fresh taste. I also liked using the new tooth brush as again this was just right for me. Again with the mouth wash it was just the right taste, not to strong and leaves your breath really fresh. I really liked using all three products and I would defiantly re buy them in the future :D

After looking at more of the range I would like to try out the Pro Whitening range  sit claims to make your teeth two shades whiter so I would like to try it and see how I get on with it :) 

Thank you so much Wisdom for letting me try these products !


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