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Lots of us lead very busy lives these days. I think I am a much busier person than my grandparents had to be. Times have changed. These days we are connected twenty-four hours a day. We can work longer hours by working on the go, so we usually do. And juggling a full-time career with raising a young family is definitely going to keep anyone busy.

Those of us who face very full lives often claim we don’t have time to prioritize ourselves. But we all need to take care of our health. We need to find the time to prepare and cook healthy, nutritious meals. We need to take the time to exercise and be more active. But most importantly, we need to make the time to relax.

Relaxing helps us to clear our minds and regain our focus. It helps to ease those tense muscles and provides us with a time out from the hustle and bustle of our lives. Not all of us make the time we need to relax. This can lead to headaches, stress, anxiety and even depression. We can burn out in only a short time of being overly busy.

It’s good to take yourself away from the hectic places for a little while. There are plenty of places you can go. If you work from home, you can move yourself to a different room for a while. You might head out into the garden or even go for a walk around the block. Getting out of the place that is associated with your stress is really important.

Many of us like to take thirty minutes or so relaxing in bed with a book before going to sleep. This can be a helpful way to relax in the day too. Our bedrooms are designed to help us wind-down in the evening. They are cooler, darker and quieter than other rooms we spend time in. This makes them perfect for relaxing. And if you add one of those luxury king size mattresses into the mix, you can help your whole body to relax.

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Beds are designed to support us and provide extra comfort so we can sleep easily all night long. This is why so many of us retreat to our beds when we’re tired, ill, or need to relax for a while. Having a bath can help in the same way. The warm water supports our body and relaxes our muscles. And the bathroom is a quiet escape where we can lock ourselves away for a short time! Light some scented candles and relax.

Some people like to go to Yoga or T’ai Chi classes to help them relax. The physical movements, stretches and poses help the whole body to feel revitalised again. Meditations are also very helpful to calm a busy mind and regain your focus. It’s hard to do if you’re not experienced, though. There are guided meditations available on apps that may help. Then you can find somewhere quiet to do them.

Lots of us love a walk in the fresh air to help clear our minds. Taking a stroll through a park can be a lovely way to forget your worries and take a breather. You can sit by the lake and listen to the birds. Or maybe you just hear the birds in the trees? The rustling of the wind through the leaves of trees makes a woodland walk very enjoyable when you’re looking to get away from it all. And the sound of the waves lapping at the shore on the beach can be one of the most relaxing things of all.

Those that love running use that as a way to get away from it all at the end of a busy day. It helps to burn off all that tension and nervous energy. You can just pop your headphones on and pound the pavement until you feel great again. A cross-country run away from the traffic and other people can be even more beneficial. It’s so good to be surrounded by nature.

Some people like to head into the kitchen a cook when they want to relax. Others spread out on the couch and watch a movie. You might like to do a spot of online gaming to focus all that excess mental energy. Or perhaps head out into the garden and dig up all those weeds! There are lots of ways to relax after a busy day. And there are plenty of great places to do it too. I know I wouldn’t say no to a luxury relaxing spa weekend!

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