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If you’re interested in the fashion industry, being fashionable should be a high priority for you. Fashion is all about using clothing as an outlet for self-expression and we all have our own ideas on what is stylish and what is not. No matter what kind of style you adopt, there are some universal things we can all do to make ourselves look and feel more fashionable. Take a look at these three ideas and instantly feel like you’re part of the fashion pack.

Always wear one accessory
Accessorising your look can add interest and create a new feel to your look. So never leave the house without at least one accessory. Even the most basic of outfits can be transformed with a statement necklace or colourful handbag. Take the time to experiment with your accessories to determine what works well and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to combine bold with simple and vice versa. If you ever feel unsure about which accessory you should be wearing, go for something classic like quality Pearl Jewellery. Pearls are a timeless fashion favourite and go with anything from blazers to jumper dresses. So always have some in your jewellery box just in case.

Go for heels over flats
While flat shoes are more practical, heels will make your look appear more stylish and polished. Even if you decide to wear flats during the day, always wear heels on the evening. Or better yet alternate between them if you can.  If you don’t feel comfortable wearing really high heels, go for a mid heel or a wedge instead. These options will reduce the risk of you getting painful feet during the day and will help you seem more confident. There are so many shoe style to choose from that you are bound to find a pair to suit you. Remember to keep your heels looking like new with regular cleaning and heel replacements. This will keep them looking fabulous for longer and won’t cause any additional pain to your feet.

Show off your best bits
Look in the mirror and think about which part of your body you like the most. Maybe you like your arms instance. Then go through your wardrobe and dress to show this part off to the world. So if you like your arms wear something sleeveless or tight fitting to show off their tone and shape. Mini skirts are great if you think your legs are your best asset and figure hugging party dresses are wonderful at showing off an hourglass figure. This will again make you appear more confident because you know everybody's attention is on a part of your body that you like. Remember to consider where you are going to make sure your clothing is appropriate and you don’t have too much on show.

So whether you’re a vintage girl or prefer a more sports luxe look, use these suggestions to make you even more of a fashionista. They can take your style from high street to high fashion in an instant and make you feel on top of the world with how you look.


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