Gusto Manchester A/W Menu Review | Food*

Gusto Manchester A/W Menu Review

To celebrate the arrival of the autumn and winter season, Gusto has introduced a new à la carte menu filled with dishes to reflect the Gusto philosophy of making the everyday exquisite. Darren and I recently visited Manchester so we decided to take the opportunity to try out the new menu.
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Guiness Store House Dublin | Travel*

Guiness store house Dublin

Alex and I have been saying for a long time that we need to go on more weekends away, and visit places that we haven't been before.

So for her birthday this year, I decided to take her away to Dublin for a couple of days. 

I'd heard a lot of good reviews and it's always been a place I've wanted to go so I booked it on impulse as soon as I got the idea. 

One place that EVERYONE recommended we visit while we were there was the Guinness Storehouse. 

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Time to take control with Buscopan | LBloggers*

I was recently contacted by Buscopan to talk about my problems with IBS. This isn't something I haven't previously spoken about here as it is one of those awkward subjects which no-one really wants to chat about however it actually affects 1 in 5 people in the UK!
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By Heather May | Candles & Candle Making Kit*

By Heather may

A little while ago I was researching wedding favours and I came across these small candle jars from a website called By Heather May I got speaking with them and asked various questions about the little candles and they offered to send me a few samples. I LOVE the Prosecco & Pomelo scent and I think that is the top contender for the wedding favours however the other scents are just as lovely.
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Eye Site Opticians | Event

I was recently invited to a local event at the Eye Site Opticians in Cottingham. I went along after work to check out the store and meet up with some of my fellow Hull Bloggers. The store was so nice inside, the layout and design felt very luxury and didn't feel like a traditional opticians. I thought I would share a few photos that I snapped on the night!
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Yates Hull Menu Review | Food*

A few weeks ago Darren and I visited the brand new Yates bar in Hull. We where invited to the VIP opening however, we didn't quit make it due to traffic :( The night looked like it was great fun as I saw lots of great snaps from the Hull blogger girls. After being a bit gutted we missed out we where asked if we would like to attend another night to try the new menu.
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Monthly Favourites | December

Monthly Favourites December

I havnt posted a monthly favourites since September, and I have managed to include one of my favourites from then in this one too .. So I clearly liked it! Any way here is what I have been loving lately.
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Christmas Gifts under £20 | Gift Guide

Christmas gift guide under £20

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Baylis & Harding gifts for all | Gift Guide*

Its finally time for some Christmas gift guides ! I love putting together gift guides and wish lists etc so this time of year is my favourite. To kick start the gift guide series today I am sharing a selection of gifts from Baylis and Harding. When buying Christmas gift sets I don't think you can go wrong with Baylis and Harding as there is always something for everyone!

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Nano Whitewash daily whitening regime | Review*

Last month I was sent a very sleek looking package from Nano White Wash Laboratories. I was so excited to try it out as the packaging looked so beautiful and I heard some great reviews. The box was filled with the Nano White wash goodies that will  make your teeth visibly whiter.

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Blogger Halloween Party | 2016

(Photo Credit to Ashton)

A few weekends ago (Yes this post is a bit late) I went along with Ashton and Katie to The Rose Villa Tavern situated in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter for the Blogger Halloween party! Ashton and Kirsty had been planning the event for months so I was very excited to be going along to see what they had in store. It was really nice to go to a blogger meet up that I hadn't organised as I managed to meet lots of people and get involved in some of the competitions  on the day.
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I Joined the #EgoSquad | CYBER WEEKEND SALE

The biggest shopping weekend of the year has begun!

It started with black Friday, then cyber Monday and now its a full weekend, some deals even started on Monday! But who doesn't love a bargain right? I heard that there is going to be a particular big discounted weekend over on  so I thought I would share with you this little Ego haul* to show you what is on offer on the Ego site.

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Reality TV Shows | How much do celebs really get paid?

Like tons of us out there, we like watching a bit of reality TV now and again and when it gets to this time of year we always look forward to watching 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of here'. 

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Gin Explorers Box | Lbloggers *

A few Fridays ago Darren and I received the Gin Explorers box. After having a great time at the Gin festival we where very excited to try the box out and sample some new gins. We have literally told everyone who will listen about it, I think we have found a new hobby ;)

The subscription box arrives every month and is £24.99. You receive: 4 double gins, tonics and mixers, 10% off the online store, information about each gin including tasting notes and cocktail recipes and a few surprises each month. Within ours we received an extra gin that was to be made in to a cocktail. I decided to try that one out first.

This included mixing the gin - Jam Jar gin, with raspberries, lemon, sugar syrup and soda water. I really liked this one and found it very refreshing. Darren wasn't as keen so he moved on to the bottles.

We tried each one in turn, we both absolutely loved the Pickerings Gin and have been obsessing over it ever since. We think we are going to have to buy a full bottle as we truly loved it. I suppose this is the point in the box, to try out different gins and find the one that you love. 

We loved trailing out the box and would 100% recommend to any one who is a gin lover. It was really good fun and kept us entertained on a Friday night. We also felt that the box or bottle could be reused as the packaging is really unique and quirky. 

Huge Thanks to the Gin Explorers for sending us this amazing box to try. Im sure we shall be signing up for next months.

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Engagement Party | Decorations

A few weeks ago Darren and I hosted a little engagement party for close family and friends. We decided to have it at Furley & Co. in Hull as it was a good central location, a nice room with its own bar and the room was only £50 to hire.

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Hull Bloggers X Hobby Craft

Just a quick post from me today, as I just wanted to write up a little something about my recent trip to Hobby Craft in Hull

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Brush Works mini travel set | Review*

Just a quick post from me today! I was recently sent this cute little mini brush set from Brush works and wanted to share them with you.
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Monthly Fashion Wishlist | October


So I have decided since I LOVE to put wish lists together of all the items I am lusting over, I am going to start monthly fashion posts. That way I can share each month what I am loving and from where. I may also do this with beauty and homewards too and again I love creating them. In the run up to Christmas these may also double up as gift guides? I really hope you like this idea and don't get sick of loadssss of wish lists from me. 

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Tips for Travelling Safely | By Darren*

tips for travelling safely in the winter

Hi everyone - it's me again. I really enjoyed writing my last post so thought I'd give it a go for a second time. I've tried to pick subjects that Alex wouldn't normally write about as well so that she can't say I'm copying. 

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Napoleons Casino and Restaurant | Review*

A week or two ago Alex and I were invited to Napoleons Casino and Restaurant in Hull for some delicious food and a lesson in gambling! 

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Skint? Here Is How To Get Beauty Samples For Free | Beauty

A word that every girl loves to hear is freebie! If you love the idea of free make-up samples, you will want to read further, as this information is exactly what you need to get your sample on. 
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Grey, Blush & Copper | Home Inspiration

You may have read my recent home wear wish list you will know that I am on the hunt for some lovely new home wears as me and Darren are soon planning to buy our first home together. As we have no storage at the minute I cant go crazy and buy thing but I can put pretty wish lists together and make inspiration boards. 
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Gentlesmens Christmas Gift Guide | Ft. Darren

mens gift guide

Today's post is brought to you by my very own other half, Darren. I have been asking him to work on my blog with me for a while now so finally he is taking the plunge...

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Sensationail Polish to Gel starter kit | Review*

Sensationail Gel to Polish starter kit

I was recently sent the new Sensationail Polish to gel kit to review. Ever since I got engaged I have been very conscious of having my nails painted. Its no surprise that everyone wants to have a look at your ring and I think I have been asked daily so having nicer nails is sort of a must! I have pretty short nails as I don't particularly like them to be long but now I do feel a little more inspired to grow them. So when Sensationail got in touch I jumped at the offer to try this out. 

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Monthly Beauty Favourites | September

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A Huge Beauty Wish List | Beauty

Beauty wish list

With my birthday coming up and christmas, I thought I would put together a HUGE beauty wish list of all the items I am lusting over. I am currently on a strict spending ban so making wish lists of all the items I want is pretty fun. Most of these items I have never tried before and a few are my staple favourites like the  Lee stafford hair growth treatment and the Liz Earle Face Exfoliator

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ChloBo Charm Bracelet | Review*

I was recently sent this gorgeous bracelet from ChloBo. I had previously not heard of the brand but after trawling through their website and social media I soon fell in love with the jewellery. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I love jewellery and I often feature it here on my blog, so I was so excited to be able to feature on of these beautiful ChloBo bracelets. 
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Top tips for attending wedding fairs | Wedding

top tips for attending wedding fairs

Since I have been back in the UK every weekend has been filled with wedding fairs ! We have been to at least one a week! I think so far we have been to around 7? and we have a huge one coming up in Manchester too! So today I thought I would share a few tips if you are about to attend your first one. 

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Home Wear | Wish List

home wear wishlist

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High End Beauty | Haul

After having limited beauty products for 3 months while I was away travelling, I was really desperate to get my hands on some new bits ! I visited a few Sephora stores while on my travels but due to limited space I didn't really buy anything. However, once I arrived in Sydney Australia it was my last destination so I knew I would be throwing things away that I didnt want to take back to the UK (Bikinis, towel etc)  so I had some extra room ;)

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My experience in Bangkok | Travel

Tips for visiting bangkok

I visted Bangkok in mid June for 4 days then again at the end of June for 4 days. My first visited I enjoyed but the second time around I loved. The first visit we had just a started our travelling adventure, we where overwhelmed, jet lagged and a bit uneasy about the whole 'we have just left our families for a few months' situation! We managed to see and do a lot more he 2nd visit so we had a much better experience. 
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Sunny Sundays | OOTD

Hull fashion blogger

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A / W Fashion | Wishlist

Boots / Skirt / Jacket  
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The Amari Vouge Resort, Krabi (& The Engagement) | Travel*

Amari Vogue resort, krabi

Amari Vogue resort, krabi

Most of my trip I have been on a bit of budget (£1000 a month to precise) but as my boyfriend as flying out to see me for two weeks we decided it would be nice to stay in a but more of a luxury resort for a night. We thought we may as well go all out and find something really special with it only being the one night so we found the Amari resort in Krabi and I'm soooo glad we did.

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My Chanel Make over at Selfridges | Beauty*

Make over by Chanel at Selfridges

I was recently invited to go have a my make up done at the Chanel counter in the Selfridges beauty hall in Exchange square.

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Wishlist & Inspiration | Wedding

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The Potting Shed, Beverley | Food

Last weekend Darren and I decided to have lunch at the newly opened Potting Shed in Beverley. My brother recommended it to us, so after a potential wedding venue visit we went over there to check it out. 

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Becoming a Bride | Wedding

wedding planning

Yes you read that right ! Me, Alexandra Redfearn, I am going to be a bride, and I could not be more excited. I have dreamt about getting married my whole life, I am obsessed with weddings and ecstatic to be planning my own. I didn't not expect my amazing FIANCE to propose at all (even though we have been together for 7 years) but it was the most amazing surprise I have ever had. 
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10 Things nobody tells you about South East Asia | Travel

10 Things nobody tells you about South East Asia
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Back in the UK | Travel *

Amari vogue Krabi

So if you have been keeping up with my blog and social media for the past few months you will know that I have been travelling around the world ! I visited 6 countries in total spread out over 85 days. I had the most amazing time and I can not wait to share more of it with you. 
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Luang Prabang Laos | Travel

Landing in the air port I was slightly dubious it was tiny and I had no clue which direction to head. We found an info point and they told us to get a taxi. We shared with some others and as we drove through the area I was worried we would hate it. Laos is a very poor country so there really wasn't much around, I was beginning to think why are we here but we arrived at our hostel - which ended up being a botique hotel for £5 each per night for a huge room, double and a single bed, tv, fridge, wifi, en suite and breakfast ! 
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Picture perfect moments | Travel*

As my trip is nearly coming to an end (only two weeks left) I thought I would share some images with you that I for one am pretty impressed with and that sum up a few of my favourite moments from the past 10 weeks. I will be overloading on all the reviews and tips posts once I'm back home as I have found it pretty difficult to actually be able to edit my posts to make them look decent. However they shall be coming at you as soon as possible :)

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Applying for your Australian working Visa | Travel Tips

After browsing through many blogs and websites I have finally booked myself a Australian working visa. I plan on entering the country in September after travelling South East Asia for 2 and a half months. I pre purchased my visa early just so that I knew it was sorted. I wanted to confirm it was granted, that it was paid for and that I had all my right paper work pre-arrival. 

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