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Carrying on my meet my blogging friends series, here is my lovely friend Gail !

Name: Gail

Style : Street Style

Why did you start your blog?

Because I wanted to do something different. I wanted to express what I thought about life and stuff, that's why I have decided to create my blog :) 

How long have you been blogging?

Overall, 4 years! However, I would say 2 years because the first 2 years, I wasn't really focusing on blogging sue to the full time job.

What is your favourite part about blogging and what makes you carry on?

I would say 'opportunity' Trust me, I still can't believe how far I have become and how my blog has led me to various opportunities I have ever dreamt about. Another thing is I love meeting new people, and blogging has drawn me to meet a lot of cool bloggers from all around the world not jut in the UK :) The feedback I have from the readers always motivate me to carry on, especially I always write about inspirational posts (not fashion) and they say 'you are my inspiration' and it makes me happy! 

What has been your best opportunity that has come as a result of your blog?

I think everything is an opportunity to me, but I would say to particiapate with Adidas Neo in London was the extreme one! I joined the team in London, got the best hotel room, while testing their mobile app :) Also, another one was to be at DvF Fashion Show without going to NYFW lol I met Dianne in person, and took a photo with her. I was like oh my f*** gosh!!! 

What blogs do you love to read?

Tbh, I don't have any specific blogs because I love reading blogs randomly lol 

Any think you want to add about me and youu as blogger friends ;)

Thank you being a good friend of mine while I'm here in Manchester :) You know, I have come here alone but now I have a lot of friends! I feel so blessed about life and people I have met here! 

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