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I was recently invited to an event with the online retailer Everything £5. I had previously heard of them however, I had not bought anything as I was a bit dubious of the quality due to the low price. I was really keen to go along and learn more about the brand and see why these products are so cheap.

I arrived at Manchester's Key 103 studios where the event was held and was introduced to the team and was told to dig in to the treats on the table. We was told all about the ranges they stock an the products they have and had a little browse of some items they had on display. As you can see from the images some items had asos tags in ! This is because they buy old stock from the factories that make products from the likes of asos, miss guided, F&F at Tesco etc and sell it cheaper on their own site ! How good is that :D Obviously they can not advertise this but im aloud to tell you all. 
The quality of the clothese seemed to be perfect and I was excited to get home and place an order. I choose 4 items and they are all fab. 
Make sure you to check back soon for a #OOTD post ft. Everything £5


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