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Even though I only currently rent my apartment it doesn't stop me dreaming of my perfect future home. I don't suppose we will actually buy anywhere for a few years as we have other things we want to do like big holidays and career goals but we still like to dream!

Obviously the go to place for dreamy household inspiration has to be Pinterest. I am such a Pinterest addict, I have well thought out boards for every situation. I have a general home inspo board and then a separate Kitchen board. I feel like the kitchen is always the go to place. In my parents house they have a beautiful kitchen that is all open plane with a dining table, big sofa and pool table. Complete with all the modern gadgets including a big TV projector screen !! I always feel like this is how I would love my kitchen to be however, I like the old classic 'country kitchens' too so I think I would elements of both. The one item I really aspire to own is a slide and hide oven !! I love those, after seeing them on the Great British bake off  I have been obsessed! 

I came across a recent survey  carried out by granite worktop manufacturer Mayfair Granite. The survey looked into what peoples dream kitchens are. 1000 people participated and it was split in to different categories such as flooring, lighting etc. Granite surfaces were named the most popular worktop with 39% of the vote. I think I myself would be included in this as I love the effect they give. 

For style of kitchen, 26% of participants said they'd have a modern kitchen, while 21% said traditional and 20% said country cottage. I don't know what category I would fall into as I would like a bit of all these elements ! Read more about the survey here!

What would you like in your dream kitchen? Any particular features you lust after? Leave your Pinterest links for me to check out too!


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